Published: 29/05/2015
McDonald’s fought a losing battle for years to keep ‘McJobs’ – generally defined as low-wage, insecure, dead-end work with no benefits – out of dictionaries. The new McJobs report should contribute to adding ‘systematic rights abuses’ to the current definition.

McJobs, released by the IUF and its North American affiliate SEIU on May 29, documents widespread employment abuses throughout the company’s global system: wage theft, discrimination, unsafe workplaces and anti-union practices.

McJobsreportSimultaneous with the launch of the report, a public event in the European Parliament was hosted by MEP Jutta Steinruck (S&D, Germany) on the “European challenge of decent jobs and social dumping in the fast food sector”. Social Democrats in the European Parliament have also kept up pressure on the European Commission regarding McDonald’s tax practices.