Published: 23/07/2014
The Auckland Harbour Oaks hotel has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay nearly 80.000 NZD (nearly 70.000 USD) to two Filipino employees who alleged the hotel had underpaid them and withheld part of their salaries.

The workers, one of whom is employed as a housekeeper, were paid only part of the hourly wage and when they queried the manager about the underpayment, they were told that the money was retained as a deposit. They also worked on public holidays without any allowance or day off.

The IUF-affiliate First Union, which assisted the workers, said “the decision sends a clear message to all employers who exploit migrant labour”.

“Rogue employers should be aware that the New Zealand community would like to see them prosecuted and punished under the law,” said Dennis Maga, First Union national co-ordinator.