Published: 11/04/2018
As part of the push for more and better jobs for women workers on banana plantations in Ghana, the IUF and Banana Link recently facilitated workshops involving the IUF-affiliated General Agricultural Workers Union of Ghana (GAWU) and the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU), Fairtrade Africa, the Fairtrade premium committee at Golden Exotics Ltd (GEL) and management representatives of GEL and its parent company Compagnie fruitière.

Workshop participants reviewed the findings of an independent research report on the barriers to women’s employment and the challenges facing women already working at GEL. Among the priority actions agreed on at the workshops’ conclusion were: a gender review of plantation tasks and concrete measures to expand women’s employment opportunities; the development of childcare facilities; exploring task rotation to reduce repetitive strain injuries; a review of sexual harassment policy; and education programs for women workers.

An Advisory Committee consisting of union representatives, women workers, IUF, Fairtrade Africa and management has been set up to take these conclusions forward.

Click here for a video of IUF representative Adwoa Sakyi speaking about the barriers to women’s employment in the banana plantations and her hopes for the future.