Published: 29/06/2015

Members of the New York City Hotel Trades Council have approved a 7-year extension to their Industry Wide Agreement which provides annual wage increases and guarantees free family health care for 23,000 workers through 2025.


From July 1, 2019 until 2025, non-tipped workers will receive each year a USD 1.00 per hour wage increase. By the end of the contract a housekeeper will earn nearly USD 40 per hour – over USD 70,000 annually. Tipped workers will receive annual yearly increases of 0.50 per hour.

The agreement also guarantees free family medical care and widened coverage all employees for the next decade.

Hotel Trades Council President Peter Ward commented “With this contract, we’re going to be able to focus all of our energy on making our Union one that represents all of the workers in this industry. If we do that then future members will also enjoy the security that we have enjoyed in this union for decades.