Published: 09/03/2021

Food delivery workers, whose ranks have grown during the pandemic, are struggling for decent work in a sector characterized by fake self-employment, low wages and health and safety hazards. As the demand for home delivery of food has increased, so too has the demand for justice:

  • In Israel, the Histadrut, the General Federation of Labour, has launched an online campaign against 10bis, part of the Dutch global food delivery company Just Eat, for denying their workers the right to unionize; Click HERE to support the LabourStart/Histadrut’s campaign for workers’ right to organize at 10bis
  • In Spain, United Kingdom and Finland, courts have ruled that platform workers must be considered workers with all the requisite social protections while in Italy, a public prosecutor has ordered Just Eat, Uber Eats, Glovo and Deliveroo to hire some 60,000 workers previously considered self-employed
  • In Sweden and Denmark, ground-breaking collective agreements have been signed with food delivery companies
This week marked exactly one year in our fight to achieve fairer working conditions, a better base salary, insurance, safety and security, and first and foremost the most basic right of every worker to be unionized and represented under a strong employees' committee in the Histadrut-General Federation of Labour in Israel. For a whole year the management has not given up and will stop at nothing to dismantle the organizing. This year they tried to fire me, they tried to weaken us, but we will continue to fight to improve our conditions.
Adam Stainer, 10bis Employees' Committee Chairman