Published: 07/10/2020

The IUF has again called on G20 Tourism Ministers to work with trade unions to protect both the livelihoods and the health and safety of tourism workers.

In a statement to the annual meeting of Tourism Ministers (virtual, October 7, 2020) the IUF warned that under the cover of COVID-19, trade union rights, enshrined in ILO Conventions, were being suppressed.

“There are frequent dismissals of trade union leaders aimed at eliminating the union from workplaces. Employers in tourism too often decide unilaterally on ‘survival’ plans.  Wage cuts and reduced hours are imposed not negotiated. Safety protocols are developed and implemented with little or no negotiation with unions”.

The statement concludes with a call to the G20 to “adopt an agenda that puts workers first and that fully protects workers’ right starting with the application of ILO Conventions 87 on freedom of association and 98 on collective bargaining“.