Published: 13/05/2014

In Pakistan protest actions were held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Swat throughout the month of April culminating in national actions on May Day.

In Islamabad members of the Islamabad Hotel workers’ union and Shaheen workers’ union at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Rawalpindi held a protest action and press conference to raise major issues facing housekeepers such as excessive working hours, unpaid overtime, working with harmful chemicals and sexual harassment.


In Karachi the campaign focused on Pearl Continental Karachi, the site of the 14 year struggle against union-busting and precarious work. Workers from several luxury clubs – Boat Club, Sindh Club Karachi Club – supported the action.


The Pearl Continental Hotel workers’ union in Lahore and the Sareena Hotel workers’ union in the nothern area of Swat also mobilised members to support housekeepers. The unions distributed pamphlets and raised awareness of the IUF global housekeeping campaign.