Across the globe over 1 billion women and men work in agriculture to produce our food. 450 million are waged workers.

Established in 1994, the IUF Agricultural Workers Trade Group unites agricultural and plantation workers worldwide in order to grow union density in the sector, to defend agricultural workers’ rights and interests, and to build international solidarity. The IUF’s priorities include occupational health and safety, the right to food, and the elimination of child labour in agriculture. We are also campaigning to ban hazardous pesticides and for sustainable agriculture based on agro-ecology.

We participate in the development of the ILO labour standards and campaign for the universal application of these standards to guarantee that all agricultural workers can access the same labour and social protection rights as workers in other industries. We promote women’s equality at work and in society, and we fight for equal rights for migrant workers.

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Svetlana Boincean

International Officer: Agriculture & Plantations

E: [email protected]

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