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IUF warns G20 Tourism ministers that COVID-19 is being used as cover to suppress workers' rights 07-10-2020

The IUF has again called on G20 Tourism Ministers to work with trade unions to protect both the livelihoods and the health and safety of tourism workers.



IUF Safe Return to Work during COVID-19 Demands: HRCT 18-08-2020

Millions of workers in the HRCT sector are suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Crucial to the rebuilding of the sector will be strong trade union voices guiding the policy development and implementation in order to ensure robust health and safety measures, income security, job security, gender equality including health care and sick leave, and above all trade union rights.

Read more in the leaflet available in English, French and Spanish:

IUF Safe Return to Work during COVID-19 Demands: HRCT     Revendications de l'UITA pour le secteur HRCT     Demandas de la UITA para el sector HRCT

World Committee on Tourism Ethics: Safe return to work needs guaranteed safe and healthy workplaces 18-06-2020

The World Committee on Tourism Ethics calls for guaranteed safe and healthy workplaces at special session on COVID-19 and tourism.


Unite hails victory as Marriott casual hotel workers win job retention under COVID-19 30-04-2020

Despite UK government guidelines released on 26th March stating that casual workers can be furloughed and paid 80% of average annual earnings, two weeks later Marriott announced that they had "yet to determine their position" on whether casual workers could be furloughed citing 'significant cash flow issues' as their justification. UK Marriott workers wrote a letter to express concern and won.


IUF calls on G20 tourism ministers to take immediate measures to protect workers in the COVID-19 crisis 28-04-2020

The IUF has warned G20 tourism ministers that it may take many years to rebuild the tourism sector to pre-COVID-19 levels of activity. The IUF  called for the immediate adoption of protocols to protect hotel workers, including the suspension of optional housekeeping programmes.


IUF Document on "extraordinary events" 20-03-2020

Recently the IUF has been involved in different meetings with the ILO, WHO and UNTWO about the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have been critical of the WHO and UNWTO for only referring in their communications and newsletters to the protection of the sector and tourists, without any mention or special measures for the many workers in the sector.

Please click here to see our demands on governments and employers for the Hotel sector

Guinea: Workers organize and win union recognition at the Sheraton Grand Conakry 13-02-2020

With 96% of votes in favour, workers at the Marriott Sheraton Grand Conakry, Guinea, have voted to form a union and elected their leaders at the country's largest hotel.




Indefinite strike for direct employment at Ibis Batignolles Hotel in Paris 15-01-2020

Hotel housekeepers at the Ibis Batignolles Hotel, one of the rare hotels directly owned by the Accor group, have been on indefinite strike demanding direct employment and improved conditions since July 17, 2019.


Marriott workers across Africa demand action to combat sexual harassment through negotiations with IUF 11-12-2019

Marriott workers across Africa have called on the CEO of the world's largest hotel company to engage directly with the IUF to agree on global measures to combat the sexual harassment which plagues the hospitality industry.



Marriott's "sustainability" program hurts housekeepers 03-12-2019

In recent years, hotel companies have launched programs that encourage guests to decline housekeeping services in exchange for a voucher or extra points on the loyalty program. Marriott, the world's largest hotelier, aggressively promotes its "Make a Green Choice" program, which has a huge impact on housekeepers' working conditions.

Union tools to combat violence and harassment in the world of work 21-11-2019

The adoption of an International Convention (C190) and its Recommendation (R206) on the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work represents a victory for workers worldwide, regardless of their sector of employment or status. The IUF has created a logo as well as a leaflet explaining C190 and R206 in layman's terms.


Hotel Housekeepers around the world rising up for their rights 18-11-2019

Hotel housekeepers around the world showed their determination to claim their rights in the course of the IUF 6th Global Week of Action held from October 21 to 27.





Marriott housekeepers in Zürich strike for direct permanent employment 23-09-2019

Hotel housekeepers at Marriott's Sheraton Zurich Hotel went on strike on August 30 to highlight their intolerable working conditions and to demand direct permanent employment. When workers learned that the hotel had terminated their contract with the cleaning contractor and it would expire in two months' time, they decided on strike action.

IUF and AccorInvest agreement on fighting sexual harassment 16-09-2019

The IUF and the French-based transnational hotel chain AccorInvest have signed an agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment at work. It covers all persons employed by the Group or operating on behalf of AccorInvest.

Italy: Combatting sexual harassment - trade unions keep pressure on Marriott 15-07-2019

IUF affiliates Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil met with Marriott Italy on June 28 to discuss policies to fight sexual harassment at Marriott's nine luxury Italian hotels. The unions' demands included proposals for swift action on reported incidents, appropriate sanctions of harassers including guests, and appropriate support to victims.

Switzerland: UNIA urges Marriott to negotiate measures against sexual harassment 05-07-2019

Activists from IUF affiliated UNIA demonstrated in Bern on June 24 and distributed the Zurich report and leaflets calling on Marriott to negotiate with the IUF measures to stop sexual harassment in its hotels.

Spain: Unions fight to reinstate hotel housekeepers dismissed for demanding rights and recognition 06-06-2019

Nine housekeepers at the Hotel Condestable Iranzo in Jaén (Andalusia) were dismissed in May while organizing a union and demanding the application of the collective agreement for the hospitality sector in the province. The CC.OO Services Federation is fighting for their reinstatement as unions challenge the massive growth of outsourcing which is impoverishing hotel staff.

IUF Accor unions reaffirm commitment to organizing and fighting for rights 17-04-2019

Representatives of unions organizing Accor workers came together in Morocco and formally resolved to intensify efforts to have Accor commit to a signed agreement on working jointly with the IUF to eliminate sexual harassment in Accor-branded hotels.

JustTourism: a union web portal in the global hospitality sector promoting fair hotels 09-04-2019

JustTourism is a new web portal maintained by IUF members in the global hospitality sector providing updated information on hotels which respect trade union rights.


IUF and Meliá agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, a first in the global hospitality sector 24-01-2019

The IUF and Spanish-based Meliá Hotels International have signed an agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, the first such agreement between the IUF and an international hotel chain.

Hotel housekeepers around the world highlight their fight for rights in IUF Global Week of Action 06-11-2018

Argentina2Hotel housekeepers around the world took action to highlight their fight for rights and recognition during the IUF 5th Global Week of Action from October 8-14.




'One job should be enough!': Marriott workers on strike in cities across the US 04-10-2018

MarriottBostonMore than 4,000 members of UNITE HERE are now on strike at Marriott hotels in 3 U.S. cities in support of their demand for jobs that are safe and enough to live on. Union members are also preparing for possible strike action at Marriott in other cities across the country after members overwhelmingly voted to authorize strikes if bargaining fails.



Strikers return to work at upscale Spanish hotel with agreement to reduce workloads & precarious jobs 24-09-2018
BeLive3Housekeepers and valets at the Hotel Be Live Experience in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) ended their ongoing industrial action on September 6 with a vote in favor of a pre-agreement that establishes a negotiated framework for reducing the intolerable workload on housekeepers, guarantees more hours to valets and establishes more permanent positions.

Hotel chains respond to campaign against sexual harassment 18-09-2018

MWWT2In June the IUF launched a global campaign for action to protect workers in the hotel sector from sexual harassment and assault. Marriott, in response, has rejected the IUF call for negotiations.



Spain: unions win legal recognition of hotel housekeepers' injuries and illnesses as occupational diseases 13-09-2018
On August 30 the tripartite body on employment quality in the hospitality sector, which brings together employers, unions and governments at local and national level, agreed to officially recognize a group of specific illnesses and injuries affecting hotel housekeepers as occupational diseases. 

Workers strike at Spanish luxury hotel over outsourcing and precarious jobs 17-08-2018
HotelBeLiveThe housekeepers and valets of the upscale Hotel Be Live Experience in Lanzarote, in Spain's Canary Islands, are on strike against outsourcing and precarious jobs. Workers are required to clean up to 26 rooms per shift in addition to cleaning other areas, compelling them to work up to 10 hours a day without stopping to eat to complete their assignments.

Swiss union investigation into housekeeping in Marriott Zürich hotels reveals exploitative, dangerous and unsanitary conditions 19-07-2018
An investigation by IUF affiliate Unia into housekeeping in Marriott-branded hotels in Zürich - one of the world's most expensive cities - shows the brutal consequences of cut-throat outsourcing: extreme speed-up and exploitation of a vulnerable workforce resulting in dangerously unsanitary conditions for workers and guests and multiple violations of the regional collective agreement for the cleaning sector which sets minimum legal working conditions.

Argentina: Good Practices Manual for the HRCT sector 06-07-2018

UTHGRAlogoAfter several months of discussions between the IUF affiliated UTHGRA, the private sector and the government, a Good Practices Manual on work in hotels and restaurants has been approved and published. UTHGRA's investigations and work in support of the IUF Global Housekeepers Campaign was the stimulus and the basis for the development of the manual.

Marriott workers around the world demand global measures to combat sexual harassment 28-06-2018

PhilippinesMarriott2On June 27, IUF members at Marriott hotels around the world demonstrated in support of the union call for concrete action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which afflicts hospitality workers.



Marriott workers from around the world demand action to combat sexual harassment 30-05-2018

http://www.iuf.org/w/sites/default/files/Marriott1.jpgUnion members from Marriott hotels in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas came together in Geneva on May 29 to voice their demand for global action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which plagues the industry.







"Room quotas kill!",says GHC team in the Philippines on International Workers' Memorial Day 2018 02-05-2018

On the event of International Memorial Day for Dead & Injured Workers, April 28, 2018 the Global Housekeeping Campaign (GHC) team in the Philippines held a motorcade through key areas in Ortigas, Makati and Manila where major hotels are concentrated to raise awareness of the effects of room  quotas on the health of hotel housekeepers. 

Hotel workers in Hong Kong take action on International Workers' Memorial Day 02-05-2018

On April 27, the day before International Workers' Memorial Day, the IUF-affiliated Catering and Hotel Industries Employees' General Union (CHIEGU) and HKCTU held an action in front of the Hilton Conrad Hong Kong Hotel to commemorate a housekeeping worker who died at work in October 2017 as a result of excessive working hours.

USA: ClubMed workers win a new collective agreement 04-04-2018
After 12 unionized housekeepers were replaced by contract workers at the Florida resort last October, North American affiliate the Teamsters fought back and finally reached an agreement with the ClubMed Sandpiper Bay, USA, on March 22, that sets a new standard for use of contract employees for the French company.

Now it's official: six-year union drive wins workplace health standard for hotel housekeepers 15-03-2018

HousekeeperpainOn March 9, the state of California officially approved the first ergonomic standard in the United States written specifically to protect hotel housekeepers, capping a 6-year initiative by UNITE HERE.


Outsourced Holiday Inn workers in France end their strike with important gains 12-02-2018

nonalasoustraitanceRoom cleaners and other outsourced workers at the Holiday Inn in Clichy, France ended their 111-day strike on February 8 by signing an agreement with the hotel's subcontractor Héméra which brings important gains.


Union push brings new safety standard for hotel housekeepers in California 23-01-2018

CalOSHAThe California government agency responsible for workplace health and safety unanimously adopted on January 18 a specific set of standards intended to reduce the occupational injuries affecting hotel housekeepers, capping a 6-year drive by the IUF-affiliated UNITE HERE.


Housekeeper denounces brutal conditions in the hotel sector at EU Social Summit 21-12-2017
Carmen Casín, Spanish hotel housekeeper and member of the IUF-affiliated FeSMC-UGT's hotel section, used his position as panelist at the recent EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden to expose the brutal reality of work in the Spanish and European hospitality industry.

Unions mobilizing against sexual harassment in hotels and restaurants: We are not on the menu/Hands off pants on 23-11-2017

notonthemenuIUF members around the world are taking action to combat the rampant sexual harassment to which workers are subjected in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.


Affiliates affirm commitment to Housekeeping Campaign during 4th Global Week of Action 24-10-2017
KFSU_Korea_GWA_2017_0Housekeepers and their unions have demonstrated once again their determination to win improved working conditions through the 4th Global Week of Action held from October 9-15.

World Tourism Day 2017 - Philippines hotel workers call for an end to room quotas 02-10-2017
Banner_protect_housekeepers_health_0To mark World Tourism Day 2017, IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN held protest actions to call for an end to room quotas because they impose excessive workloads on hotel housekeepers and place quantity over quality. In the Philippines hotels routinely fix a minimum quota of 12 rooms for housekeepers to clean per shift.

Campaign wins reinstatement for dismissed union leader at Manila Peninsula Hotel 20-09-2017
JennyMarcos2Jenny Marcos, a leader of the Peninsula Employees Union at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in the Philippines, has been reinstated at her job with full back pay and is back at work after being terminated in 2016 for union activities in support of the IUF's Global Housekeeping Campaign.

Make my workplace safe: our key demands for better working conditions 19-09-2017
Global-Week-of-Action-9-15October2017-ENThe Global Housekeepers Campaign is organizing to ensure that hotel housekeepers have safe and decent working conditions.

Spain: Unions challenge fake 'service providers' impoverishing hotel workers 10-07-2017
'Multi-service providers'  have prospered under Spain's 2012 austerity-driven labour market 'reforms' in hotels and the wider service sector. Employees are dismissed and then re-employed by the service company, still performing their previous job but at a fraction of their previous wage. Under this scheme, 120,000 hotel housekeepers in Spain have lost 40% of their pay since 2012.

Philippines: strike action looms as rights abuses continue at luxury Manila Peninsula Hotel 24-05-2017
PeninsulaJennyThe IUF-affiliated Peninsula Employees Union has filed for industrial action at the upscale hotel in response to management's aggressive attacks on working conditions and basic workplace rights. Management's refusal to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement in good faith has provoked the threat of a major industrial dispute, compounding tensions arising from ongoing harassment and disciplinary action against union leaders. CLICK HERE TO SEND A PROTEST MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL.

Swedish research shows how hotel housekeepers suffer from strain injuries 16-05-2017
Out of 50 groups of female workers, hotel housekeepers are at the top of the list as regard the speed of upper arm movement, the greatest amount of bending forward of the back and the greatest strain on the lower arm.

UTHGRA Argentina housekeeper survey confirms global scope of workplace-related injury and illness 13-03-2017

HousekeepersSurveyUTHGRAThe IUF-affiliated UTHGRA has completed a survey of hotel housekeepers' health in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and three Asian countries (Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia). The results confirm that current work arrangements are injurious to workers' physical and psychological health, and highlight the urgent need to redesign the workplace.

UNITE HERE U.S. and Canada in the IUF Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action 28-02-2017
FairhousekeepingUNITEHEREUNITE HERE members held actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto and Northern Illinois to demand safer working conditions and dignity for housekeepers within the framework of the IUF Global Week of Action.

Nordic Hotel and Restaurant Unions demand #FairHousekeeping 17-02-2017
FairHousekeepingThe Nordic Union-HRCT and its member unions are committed to fighting for #FairHousekeeping for all hotel housekeepers in the Nordic countries. The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Union and 3F Private Service Hotels and Restauration in Denmark are putting special emphasis on improved working conditions for housekeepers in the negotiations for new collective agreements with their employer associations which are now under way.

Philippines: luxury Peninsula hotel still victimizing union leaders for participating in IUF Global Housekeeper Campaign 02-02-2017
PeninsulaJennyUnion leaders at the 5-star Peninsula Manila hotel, owned by the luxury Peninsula Hotels group, are still facing harsh retaliation by hotel management for their involvement in the IUF's Global Houskeepers Campaign and for effectively representing their members at the hotel. CLICK HERE TO SEND A PROTEST MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL!

Dignity for hotel housekeepers? 30-01-2017
HRFlogoThe hotel- and restaurant worker´s trade union (HRF) in Sweden sent out a survey to hundreds of employees in hotel housekeeping about their working environment. The result is very alarming.

Seattle hotel workers win enhanced protection against sexual harassment and injuries at the workplace 20-01-2017
Yeson124-smallVoters in the US city of Seattle overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure on November 8 which gives hotel workers important new protection against sexual harassment and injuries on the job.

IUF West African affiliates step up housekeeper initiatives 18-01-2017

HKGWABENINIUF affiliates in French-speaking West Africa expanded their work with housekeepers in connection with the third annual global week of action as part of their commitment to combating the vulnerability, abuse, unsafe working conditions and exploitation by unscrupulous and hostile employers facing many workers.

Hotel housekeepers stand up around the world for rights, recognition and safe work in Global Action Week 18-11-2016


Hotel housekeepers and their unions in 34 countries and over 50 cities around the world held a variety of actions to highlight their fight for rights, recognition and better working conditions during the IUF's 3rd Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action from October 31 to November 6.

Spanish hotel housekeepers call on the European Parliament for action to end exploitation and abuse 28-10-2016
SpanishhousekeepersatEuropeanParlamientSpeaking before members of the European Parliament on October 19, two hotel housekeepers who are union shop stewards called for action to put an end to the appalling working conditions in Europe's hospitality industry.

West Africa, unions use the hotel housekeepers initiative to put an end to sexual harassment 14-06-2016

Sexual harassment was the main focus of activities by IUF affiliates in French speaking countries in West Africa, which joined the 2nd Global Week of Action with a number of workshops.

Housekeepers campaign boosts union action, negotiations for improved working conditions in Africa 27-05-2016


With the support of the IUF and the impulse provided by the Global Action Week, IUF affiliates in Africa are organizing, strengthening their demands on employers and negotiating improved working conditions for housekeepers.

Unite tackles wage theft in New Zealand luxury hotels 10-03-2016
UnitelogoFor the past four years, Unite has been investigating the way a number of well-known hotel brands make use of a practice known as the "credit system". This tells workers how much time they have to clean a room.

Finland: guests learn about housekeepers' work from PAM members 08-03-2016
The Finnish PAM has joined the IUF's Global Week of Action with activities aimed to raise guests' awareness about housekeepers' working conditions. Actions have been carried in hotels in the Helsinki area, including one-day action at Helsinki airport, where shop stewards have informed guests about working conditions.

UNITE HERE North America members joined the Global Week of Action 19-02-2016
UniteHereLocal26smallIn November 2015, as part of the IUF's Global Week of Action, UNITE HERE members in over 20 cities across the U.S. and Canada joined with unions in more than 30 countries around the world in calling for safer working conditions and fair treatment for all housekeepers.

Philippines: NUWHRAIN wins government order to inspect working conditions of housekeepers 03-02-2016
NUWHRAINGHC3 As a direct result of Global Housekeeping Campaign activities in the Philippines, the IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN won a government administrative order for the inspection of hotels for non-compliance with national labour and health and safety regulations.  

UK Hazards magazine promotes IUF global hotel housekeeping initiative 16-12-2015
HazardsThe latest issue of the UK workplace health and safety publication Hazards' features IUF global hotel housekeeping campaign from a health and safety angle, stressing that "improving workers' health and safety was the best way for hotel unions to recruit more members, become better organised and to empower members to negotiate better working conditions".

Hotel housekeepers around the world demonstrate for a safe and secure workplace 16-11-2015
HotelHousekeepersGlobalWeekofAction1Hotel workers from all continents took part in the 2nd IUF Global Week of Action from November 4-11, 2015 to highlight the unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and their determination to fight for a safe and secure working environment.

Researches analyse OHS laws in South Africa and Estonia for the global hotel housekeepers initiative 07-10-2015
Cornell_logoTwo important research documents have been prepared for the IUF Initiative, "Make My Workplace Safe" by students of the Labor Law Clinic at Cornell University Law School to develop and expand on research originally conducted by Yale Law School, on Argentina, India, and Indonesia.

Global Housekeeping Campaign in the Philippines brings union gains at Manila hotels 01-10-2015
The IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN set up a Campaign Committee in August after joining the Global Housekeeping Campaign and has won important gains for local union chapters at Sofitel and Holiday Inn in Manila.

Nigerian unions team up to promote the hotel housekeepers initiative 29-09-2015
In Nigeria, some 30 participants, female and male, attended two workshops in August to identify the problems facing workers in the hospitality industry and discuss discuss key union priorities.

IUF Asia/Pacific 2nd Global Housekeeping Campaign Strategic Meeting 22-09-2015
The second strategic meeting on the Global Housekeeping Campaign, held 11-12 September in Langkawi, Malaysia, brought together 62 participants from 15 federations and national level unions from 13 countries to continue building the initiative.

India: "Don't call me Room Boy!" say hotel housekeepers fighting for respect 19-08-2015

Union members from six hotels in southern India joined the "Make My Workplace Safe" educational workshop in Bangalore on August 7-8 as part of the IUF Global Housekeeping Campaign. 

Global Housekeeping Campaign launched at Cambodia’s biggest hotel casino 28-07-2015

Members of the IUF-affiliated union at NagaWorld Hotel Casino participated in a "Make My Workplace Safe" meeting on July 27 and developed an action plan involving recruitment, education and collective bargaining. 

Housekeepers around the world speak out in new IUF video 25-06-2015
In 2012, the IUF launched a global "Make my Workplace Safe" campaign to demand better working conditions with rights and dignity. In a new video filmed during the IUF Global Week of Action from December 3 to 10, 2014, housekeepers around the world share their experiences, concerns and hopes and express their solidarity

Housekeepers' meeting in Salta Province - Argentina 05-06-2015
FullSizeRender%20%282%29On Thursday 28 May, the first meeting of housekeepers in the Province of Salta took place. Two hundred housekeepers from San Salvador de Jujuy, Tucumán and every town in Salta Province took part

Nordic unions join forces for the global hotel housekeepers initiative 05-06-2015
On May 21, the first meeting of the Nordic Union Coordination Workgroup on the hotel housekeepers initiative took place. The coordination group discussed initiatives and campaigns that unions can run together in the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

'We should not work alone!' declare Langkawi hotel housekeepers 21-05-2015
On May 17 the first IUF Global Housekeeping Campaign meeting was held on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. One of the key demands raised by housekeepers was the need to work in teams of two or three when cleaning rooms. 

Africa: OSH in HRCT sectors under the spotlight 20-04-2015
In Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Togo, celebrations were held for the 9th IUF Day on 10th April, during which IUF affiliates in these four countries organised seminars to discuss risks and prevention methods in hotel and restaurant sectors.

Belgium: hotel housekeepers under the spotlight for International Women's Day 09-03-2015
In its annual International Women's Day seminar, the IUF's Belgian affiliate ACV-CSC highlighted hotel housekeepers' working conditions.

Argentina's UTHGRA International Women's Day message 09-03-2015
On International Women's Day the IUF-affiliated UTHGRA reiterates its commitment to continue its efforts to improve hotel housekeepers' working conditions.

Solidarity with hotel workers killed in Mogadishu terror attack 26-02-2015
The IUF has sent a message of solidarity to the Somali Hotel and Catering Workers Union, whose deputy general secretary Mohamed Mohamud was killed in the February 20 terror attack on the Central Hotel in Mogadishu. Five hotel workers were among the dead and seven wounded.

Indonesian Accor Union Council joins global housekeepers initiative 20-02-2015
The Accor Union Council of Indonesian IUF-affiliate FSPM will play an active part in the initiative to improve hotel housekeepers' working conditions and to increase collective bargaining power.

Decent conditions and a thank you 09-01-2015
It's tough on the body to make 20 beds and scrub 20 bathrooms a day. It demands a good overall view and a great sense of responsibility to be able to create exactly the atmosphere the hotel wants to offer it's guests.

Global action spotlights campaign for hotel housekeepers' rights 10-12-2014
Thousands of hotel workers in dozens of cities around the world took part in the IUF  Global Week of Action December 3-10 to highlight the abusive, unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and to demand a safe, secure working environment from a global industry which rests on their efforts. Hotel unions are determined to change the situation, and highlighted the urgent need for industry-wide change with a variety of actions over the course of the week, including workplace and public demonstrations, media events and educational activities.

"Make Up My Workplace!" A trade union perspective on a living wage in the tourism industry in Asia 21-11-2014

HG%20Stockholm%2C%2025%20September%202014Excerpted from a presentation by IUF Asia/Pacific Regional Secretary to "One way ticket out of poverty?" A seminar on sustainable tourism, community development and living wages in the global tourism sector, Stockholm, 25 September 2014

IUF global housekeeping campaign gives workers hope in Pakistan 07-11-2014
In Lahore, Pakistan, 55 housekeepers make up 600 rooms at the five star Pearl Continental Hotel. Only 17 of the 55 housekeepers are permanent. Only one of the 17 permanent workers is a women and another 12 women are employed on a precarious basis.

OSH laws for housekeepers – under the spotlight in Argentina, India and Indonesia 31-10-2014
Yale Law School has conducted a study for UNITE HERE on if and how health and safety legislation is applied to hotel housekeepers . The study covers Argentina, India and Indonesia.

UTHGRA meetings spread the word about the IUF global housekeeper campaign 03-10-2014

Meeting%20Housekeeping%20%20UTHGRA_1UTHGRA Argentina organized two meetings of hotel housekeepers in the towns of Los Cocos (Córdoba) and Mar del Plata on September 11 and 24, respectively, to explain the IUF's Global Housekeeper Campaign.

Hyatt agrees to pay ousted hotel housekeepers 30-09-2014
The Boston branch of IUF-affiliated UNITE HERE! has reached an agreement with Hyatt Hotels to compensate 98 Boston-area housekeepers who were fired five years ago and replaced by lower-paid outsourced workers.

Hyatt Paris: outsourced hotel housekeepers strike and win wage increase 26-09-2014
Outsourced hotel housekeepers at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme have won an important wage increase bringing pay into line with other luxury hotels following a four-day strike for better wages and working conditions begun on September 19.

IUF A/P region plans activity to support Hotel Housekeepers 23-09-2014
A strategic meeting to advance the initiative took place in the Asia/Pacific region in Penang on September 12-13, with 47 participants from 13 unions including a number of housekeeper members. The meeting addressed specific health and safety issues linked to workloads, working conditions, employment status and gender.

Philippines' NUWHRAIN joins the Global Housekeeping initiative 16-09-2014
Members of the IUF-affiliate NUWHRAIN attended an IUF seminar in Manila on August 20 to join the IUF's Global Housekeeping initiative.

Is hotel housekeepers' health adequately protected by national and international law? 18-06-2014
Hotel housekeepers are exposed to numerous health risks, among them musculoskeletal strains and injuries, acute traumas, chemical exposure and the risks which come with long working hours.

Training session in Finland for hotel housekeepers 05-06-2014
In April, some 50 hotel housekeepers were joined by health & safety officers to attend a training session organized by the IUF-affiliated PAM in Finland.

Indonesian hotel workers demand ‘Make Up My Workplace!’ 13-05-2014
The national hotel workers' federation, FSPM, held protest actions at a major international hotel in Bandung as part of the global housekeeping campaign.

Protests across Pakistan raise awareness of housekeepers' rights & dignity 13-05-2014
In Pakistan protest actions were held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Swat throughout the month of April culminating in national actions on May Day.

Korean union highlights plight of precarious women workers in housekeeping 13-05-2014
The Korean Federation of Private Service Workers Unions (KFSU) escalated the IUF global housekeeping campaign by bringing public attention to the plight of casual women workers employed as housekeepers.

Indian HEFOI activists for the Housekeepers initiative 02-05-2014
On March 17, 14 union activists from the IUF-affiliated HEFOI Goa State Committee leafleted outside the Radisson Blu, in South Goa to spread news of the Housekeepers initiative to co-workers and passers-by.

Hotel housekeeping outsourcing worsens conditions, outsources responsibility 13-03-2014
It was clear from the launch that the housekeeper campaign would have outsourcing as one of its targets. It is a common experience for outsourced workers to be treated worse than those directly employed.

Paris Hyatt Hotel housekeepers on strike for direct employment and decent work 23-09-2013
Some 60 housekeeping staff and valets at Paris prestigious Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme Hotel went on strike and took to the streets Friday under the banner: "The class war starts here."

Putzi - online game about housekeeping 23-07-2013
A game developed by the Finnish union PAM. Here's what they have to say about it: "With this game, Service Union United PAM wants to draw attention to the fair purchasing of cleaning services.

Running to support Hotel Housekeepers 17-07-2013

If running is a pleasure, running for good causes is a real pleasure. This is what IUF's Massimo Frattini did last Sunday, 14th July, in London in The British 10K London Run.