The food, farm,
hotels and more
global union

From the fields to factories to hotels, restaurants and fast food chains, the IUF organizes, fights and wins for workers across the food chain.

trade union
rights are
human rights

We have fought to protect
trade unionists since 1920

with determination comes progress

We are protecting ourselves against
sexual harassment

Together with our affiliates and the global labour movement, the IUF is fighting to end the epidemic of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the world of work. And we are making progress! We have negotiated 6 agreements with global corporations that cover workers in 54 countries around the world. And we are not stopping!

battling through the struggle

Fighting for rights at Cargill Turkey

Workers at Cargill Turkey have been fighting for their jobs and their rights since they were unfairly dismissed on April 17, 2018 while trying to form a union. The workers have picketed the plant, marched hundreds of kilometres, demonstrated at Cargill's Istanbul headquarters and at the HQ’s of companies that buy from Cargill.

We will keep fighting until Cargill reinstates these workers and respects their right to organize and be represented by Tekgıda-İş.

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