Defending democracy in Indonesia

20 October 2014 Editorial

The inauguration of Indonesia's democratically elected president, Joko Widodo ("Jokowi") on October 20 marks the most significant victory for democracy since the collapse of the Suharto military dictatorship in 1998. The significance lies not in who won the presidential elections in July but who lost.

Meat multinational Hormel sacks union steward for defending workers- Justice for Jen!

13 October 2014 Urgent Action

Union stewards are chosen by their workmates to defend their rights on the job, and in a union workplace enjoy protection against company retaliation. But in September, multinational meat producer Hormel sacked Jen Pulaski, a 12-year veteran at Hormel's Beloit, Wisconsin plant and an effective advocate for her co-workers, for doing what she was elected to do - defending workers. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO HORMEL DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR JEN!

Support the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions strike for democracy!

29 September 2014 Urgent Action

Swirestrike2The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) - the only independent union in China - has called for workers to strike in support of the democracy movement as mass civil disobedience actions come under heavy police attack. The Swire Beverages (Coca-Cola) union and the HKCTU unions of  school teachers and dockers are striking and will be joined by other member unions. CLICK HERE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Fatal workplace accident at Indian sugar mill supplying PepsiCo

20 October 2014 News

A worker at the Olam Interntional sugar mill in Kolhapur (Maharashtra) India was killed by falling sugar bags in a workplace accident on August 8 which also severely injured two other workers. According to the union representing plant workers, the factory has a long history of workplace accidents. But Singapore-based Olam, a major transnational commodity processor and trader, last year received a USD 120 million loan from the World Bank's private lending arm IFC, whose lending criteria ostensibly include safety, social and environmental safeguards.

World Food Security Committee puts corporate investors before human rights

17 October 2014 Feature

The IUF and representatives of indigenous peoples, farmers and NGOs taking part in the 2014 Committee on World Food Security (CFS) have sharply criticized the Committee’s newly adopted Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems for placing corporate profit before the human right to food.

World Food Day 2014 - plantation workers still Harvesting Hunger

15 October 2014 News

HarvestingHungerThe IUF together with the NGOs Misereor and FIAN is launching Harvesting Hunger - Plantation Workers and the Right to Food to mark World Food Day on October 16. The booklet highlights the massive violation of plantation workers' right to food resulting from their low wages and the routine exclusion of this scandalous situation from food security debates.

Europe-wide protests say no! to trade deals that threaten democracy

15 October 2014 News

StopTTIPThousands of European citizens took to the streets in dozens of European cities on October 11 to show their rejection of the proposed trade deals between the European Union and Canada (CETA) and the EU and the US (TTIP).

New threats to trade unionists in Colombia

14 October 2014 News

The IUF has called for urgent protective measures by the Colombian government following public threats by paramilitaries against trade union leaders it denounces as "guerillas in disguise". Threatening leaflets signed by a notorious paramilitary group have been distributed in the department of Magdelena, where 9 union leaders have been murdered so far this year.

IUF, International Unions highlight the TISA threat to democracy, public services and food rights

2 October 2014 News

The IUF, Public Services International (PSI) and Uni flagged the extreme dangers of the proposed Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) at the WTO Public Forum in Geneva on October 1. Over 100 participants - many of them trade delegates - took part in the meeting.

Hyatt agrees to pay ousted hotel housekeepers

30 September 2014 News

The Boston branch of IUF-affiliated UNITE HERE! has reached an agreement with Hyatt Hotels to compensate 98 Boston-area housekeepers who were fired five years ago and replaced by lower-paid outsourced workers.

Hyatt Paris: outsourced hotel housekeepers strike and win wage increase

26 September 2014 News

Outsourced hotel housekeepers at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme have won an important wage increase bringing pay into line with other luxury hotels following a four-day strike for better wages and working conditions begun on September 19.

IUF A/P region plans activity to support Hotel Housekeepers

23 September 2014 News

A strategic meeting to advance the initiative took place in the Asia/Pacific region in Penang on September 12-13, with 47 participants from 13 unions including a number of housekeeper members. The meeting addressed specific health and safety issues linked to workloads, working conditions, employment status and gender.

Unions turn Tuna Congress spotlight on Citra Mina rights violations

15 September 2014 News

dieinsmallWorkers in the Citra Mina group of companies dismissed for forming a union brought a powerful message to the Philippines' annual Tuna Congress in General Santos City September 4-5: the tuna industry depends on workers as well as fish, workers have rights and Citra Mina is violating these rights.

UK TUC calls for 'outright opposition' to EU-US and other new trade deals

15 September 2014 News

The UK national center TUC adopted a resolution at its congress September 7-10 calling on the trade union movement to demand that the negotiations on the EU-US trade agreement TTIP be halted and that unions "adopt a clear position of outright opposition to TTIP, and the other trade agreements currently being negotiated."

NGG wins first-ever collective agreement at Autogrill Germany

11 September 2014 News

The German Food Workers Union (NGG) have announced a successful conclusion to their fight for a first-ever collective agreement at Autogrill Germany, where workers in Bavaria and Thuringia have been holding strikes since April.


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