Sütas Dairy Company dismisses workers, then dumps manure to intimidate picketing unionists in Turkey

8 September 2014 Urgent Action

sutasUnion members at the Turkish Sütas dairy company are fighting for their rights against mass intimidation by management including dismissals, criminal complaints to the prosecution office, police raids on the union offices and the dumping of 13 tons of liquid manure on the sit-in area across the factory gate where the dismissed workers were picketing.  CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO SÜTAS.

Unions turn Tuna Congress spotlight on Citra Mina rights violations

15 September 2014 News

dieinsmallWorkers in the Citra Mina group of companies dismissed for forming a union brought a powerful message to the Philippines' annual Tuna Congress in General Santos City September 4-5: the tuna industry depends on workers as well as fish, workers have rights and Citra Mina is violating these rights.

UK TUC calls for 'outright opposition' to EU-US and other new trade deals

15 September 2014 News

The UK national center TUC adopted a resolution at its congress September 7-10 calling on the trade union movement to demand that the negotiations on the EU-US trade agreement TTIP be halted and that unions "adopt a clear position of outright opposition to TTIP, and the other trade agreements currently being negotiated."

NGG wins first-ever collective agreement at Autogrill Germany

11 September 2014 News

The German Food Workers Union (NGG) have announced a successful conclusion to their fight for a first-ever collective agreement at Autogrill Germany, where workers in Bavaria and Thuringia have been holding strikes since April.

Burger King's debt whopper is a public subsidy to fast food poverty

8 September 2014 Editorial

Fight415Thousands of fast food workers across the US again walked off the job and engaged in civil disobedience actions on September 4, pushing low-wage work and the need for an increase in the national minimum wage further up the political agenda. Shortly before, announcement of a proposed merger between US-based Burger King and Canada's Tim Hortons "fast-casual" sent both companies' shares into the stratosphere.  What's the connection?

Cadbury 5 re-elected to Union Executive at Mondelez Alexandria

5 September 2014 News

The Cadbury 5 and their supporters swept to victory in elections to the executive of the independent union at Mondelez in Alexandria, Egypt held on August 29.

Germany: Strikes escalate at roadside service provider Autogrill - support the NGG and striking workers!

5 September 2014 Urgent Action

905Workers at Autogrill motorway outlets in the German states of Thuringia and Bavaria have been striking at various locations for more than 1,700 hours since April to bring the company back to the negotiating table for a first-ever collective agreement which would improve conditions by setting wages, vacations, bonuses and supplementary payments. The strikes are now escalating. CLICK HERE to send a message to Autogrill!

Brazil: CONTAG, IUF demand urgent action to halt violence against rural workers and trade unions

28 August 2014 News

At least 23 murders of rural union leaders and defenders of the landless have been recorded in Brazil since the beginning of the year - all of them linked to conflicts over land rights, landgrabbing and illegal logging.

London: poverty pay is a disgrace, hotel workers deserve living wage

9 August 2014 News

Hotel workers, members of Unite the Union, took actions on Friday, August 8, to protest against low wages in one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Shift work linked to type 2 diabetes risk

7 August 2014 News

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal links shift work with a heightened risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

London: hospitality workers protest against poverty

4 August 2014 News

London is one of the most visited cities around the world and its hotels, bars and restaurants are highly profitable, but these companies do not pay the living wage (£8.80 per hour or 14.80 USD) to workers.

IUF and Mondelez International welcome the settlement of the Alexandria Egypt dispute

4 August 2014 News

The IUF and Mondelez International have welcomed the settlement of the dispute at Alexandria, Egypt, around the status of five executive committee members of an independent union who were suspended in July 2012.

Mondelez in Egypt has now reinstated all five executive committee members under their former conditions with no negative consequences to them and with full retroactive wages and benefits guaranteed.

No increase in line speeds in USDA Poultry Modernization Rule

4 August 2014 News

After intense lobbying by labor unions, food safety groups and the civil rights community, the proposed increase in line speeds to 175 birds a minute has been dropped and the current maximum rate of 140 birds a minute maintained.

Victory in Memphis as Federal Judge orders Kellogg to end the lockout of 226 BCTGM members

1 August 2014 News

BCTGM Local 252 members expressed relief and joy when Judge Samuel H Mays ordered a return to work after a 9 month lockout.

Sick consumers and injured workers: the price of cheap chicken

29 July 2014 News

UK affiliate Unite the Union has called for increased numbers of food inspectors in the wake of the Guardian newspaper expose on the serious food safety risks throughout the poultry industry supply chain.


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