Agricultural workers and farmers federation secures national recognition in Myanmar

24 May 2015 News

2015-05-24%2014.47.29On May 24 the IUF-affiliated Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM) and Food Allied Workers became the first national union federation representing agricultural and plantation workers and farmers to be recognized in Myanmar.

First hotel workers' conference in Myanmar calls for union recognition and respect

21 May 2015 News


The historic first conference of hotel workers in Myanmar was held in Mandalay on May 20-21, bringing together 55 delegates from hotels in three major tourist destinations: Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. The conference promoted sustainable jobs, safe work and respect for worker and trade union rights as integral to "Responsible, Ethical & Sustainable Tourism" in Myanmar.

"We should not work alone!" declare Langkawi hotel housekeepers

21 May 2015 News


On May 17 the first IUF Global Housekeeping Campaign meeting was held on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. One of the key demands raised by housekeepers was the need to work in teams of two or three when cleaning rooms. 

Golden Dodges report uncovers McDonald's global tax scam

18 May 2015 News

GoldenDodgesGolden Dodges, a new report from the IUF, Public Services International (PSI) and the North American Service Employees International Union (SEIU), reveals how McDonald's, the world's largest fast food company as well as the largest franchiser, has methodically exploited the tax system to avoid billions in taxes.

UN special rapporteur 'deeply troubled' by asbestos and paraquat impasse

8 May 2015 News

The UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and hazardous substances has said he is
"deeply troubled" by obstacles to the listing of asbestos and paraquat under the Rotterdam Convention.

May Day 2015 - Hong Kong unions demand an end to violence against Chinese labour activists

30 April 2015 Urgent Action

ZeroToleranceOn May Day this year, the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) - the only independent trade union in China - is demanding an end to harassment and violence against workers and labour activists on the mainland who stand up for their rights.

FLOC, IUF confront BAT with an alternative shareholders' report

29 April 2015 News

BATcoverFarm Labor Organizing Committee president Baldemar Velasquez told shareholders and board members of British American Tobacco, at their annual general meeting on 29 April, to stop human rights abuses on tobacco farms in the United States.

Workers Memorial Day in General Santos, Philippines - Citra Mina workers remember their dead and fight for the living

28 April 2015 News

citraminaWMD1The Citra Mina Workers Union and their national centre SENTRO commemorated Workers Memorial Day with the families of fishing vessel workers declared lost at sea. Over the past two years, at least 17 workers on vessels fishing for the Citra Mina Group are known to be missing or dead and the union continues to investigate other cases.

Tell airline caterer Flying Food to pay a living wage now!

28 April 2015 Urgent Action

FlyingFoodWorkerssmallIn Los Angeles, employees of airline caterer Flying Food Group work to ensure that passengers flying internationally from LAX have food and drink on their flights. They cater to an airline industry that continues to report record profit, but Flying Food Group refuses to pay its workers the City of Los Angeles Living Wage. Some workers earn a full $6 an hour less than the Los Angeles living wage for airport workers. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO FLYING FOOD

Workers Memorial Day - April 28 2015: paraquat too big a risk to life and health

28 April 2015 News

To mark Workers Memorial Day, the IUF has produced with Pesticides Action Network (PAN) and the Swiss-based NGO, Berne Declaration, a report on the use of paraquat in India.  While this highly toxic pesticide is banned in Europe, it continues to be widely used on many crops and in many parts of the world.  The report confirms that paraquat is used under high-risk conditions and that users don't have the information or the means to protect themselves from exposure. As a result, users suffer from headaches, vomiting, breathing difficulty, muscle pain and abdominal discomfort.

Union action at Belgian Seafood Expo raises pressure on Citra Mina

25 April 2015 News

The IUF, International Transport Workers' Federation and Belgian unions CSC Alimentation et Services, FGTB Horval, and CSC Transcom raised the growing pressure on the Citra Mina Group at the Brussels Seafood Expo - the world's largest seafood trade fair -by demonstrating on April 23 outside the venue, where Citra Mina's Philfresh Corporation was one of the companies exhibiting and seeking contracts with buyers.

Roundup, the WHO and the pesticide treadmill

24 April 2015 Editorial

On March 20, the UK journal Lancet Oncology published the summary of a report by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)) which classified glyphosate - the active ingredient in Monsanto's RoundUp and the world's most widely-used herbicide - as "probably carcinogenic to humans."

Spanish Supreme Court rules dismissed workers' rights were violated at Coca-Cola

20 April 2015 News

On April 15, 2015 the Madrid Supreme Court announced its final verdict on the closure of four Coca-Cola factories in Spain and confirmed the previous ruling of the National Court which declared the Coca-Cola Iberian Partners' (CCIP) restructuring plan announced in January 2014 invalid.

Thousands of workers around the world take part in IUF Fast Food Global Day of Action

15 April 2015 News

FastGoodGlobalDayActionIUF affiliates in over 40 countries in 5 continents took action on April 15, IUF International Fast Food Workers' Day, to challenge the poor wages, precarious jobs, absence of benefits and social security and systematic denial of trade union rights which form the industry pattern. Around the world, fast food workers are standing up for their rights, fighting for increased wages, union recognition and decent working conditions.

Pakistan: solidarity action to support dismissed Sheraton workers

10 April 2015 News

Members of the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi Workers Union, the Sind Club Employees Union and the Karachi Club Employees Union gathered together to show solidarity with dismissed workers from Sheraton Maldives and Ethiopia.


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