Philippines sugar organizer murdered

9 December 2014 Urgent Action

927Rolando Pango, a full time organizer with the Partido Manggagawa (PM) was gunned down in Binalbagan town in Negros Occidental on November 29, 2014. Prior to his assassination Pango was organizing sugar plantation workers on Hacienda Salud, which is leased and operated by Manuel Lamata, President of the United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PHILIPPINES CALLING FOR AN URGENT INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION OF THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KILLING

Congress Representatives call on Philippines government to investigate rights violations at Citra Mina tuna group

19 December 2014 News

CitraMinaBillboardsmallRepresentatives from the Akbayan party in the Philippines House of Representatives have introduced a Congress Resolution  calling on the government to launch a formal investigation into trade union rights violations at the Citra Mina group of tuna companies, where workers are fighting for union recognition and the reinstatement of workers sacked last year after forming a union.

On International Migrants Day, IUF and Amnesty call on Korean government to end systematic abuse of migrant agricultural workers

18 December 2014 News

On International Migrants Day, December 18, the IUF and Amnesty International Korean organizations capped their two-month joint campaign with a declaration and joint press conference calling on the government to protect the right of migrant agricultural workers in the country to live and work in safe conditions.

NUW fight wins reinstatement, exposes sham employment schemes at Australia's largest poultry producer

17 December 2014 Feature

Betterjobs4betterThe successful fight by Australia's National Union of Workers (NUW) on behalf of an unfairly dismissed migrant poultry worker exposes the extremes to which employers can resort in devising disposable jobs schemes to evade their responsibility. And how unions can grow by tackling head-on precarious work arrangements.

Unions organize against new Indian government's attack on rural employment

16 December 2014 News

nrega2India's new right wing government has lost no time in proving its 'business-friendly' credentials by attacking the world's biggest employment program, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), a vital support for the country's rural poor. Unions have begun organizing the fight back.

IMF calls for more austerity in Belgium on day of national general strike

16 December 2014 News

Belgium151220141Joint action by Belgian unions effectively shut production and services across the country on December 15 as unions continued their drive to roll back the government's austerity program. The same day, an IMF mission to Belgium expressed official support for the program, praising the extended retirement age and other measures but urging the government to "go still further" in cutting labour costs, public spending and social welfare programs.

Myanmar agricultural workers and farmers organize against contract farming threat

12 December 2014 News

WorkshopposterWorkers and small farmers must build collective bargaining power in the face of growing corporate control of agriculture or risk falling into debt and dependency. Organizing to build that power was the theme of the recent 'Beware of Contract Farming' training workshops for members of the IUF-affiliated Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar (AFFM-IUF).

Free arrested Hong Kong union leaders!

11 December 2014 Urgent Action

At least three leaders of the independent Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) were arrested as police moved to break up the democracy encampment in the Admiralty section of the city on December 11.

Indian sugar workers demand justice for murdered Philippines activist

11 December 2014 News

IndiaPhilippinessolidaritysmallIUF members at sugar cooperatives in Kolhapur, Maharashtra demonstrated on December 10 to condemn the murder of Rolando Pango, the Philippine labour activist assassinated on November 29 in Negros Occidental. Hundreds of workers joined the protest despite the busy crushing season.

Japan Tobacco plans mass redundancies in Europe

11 December 2014 News

Japan Tobacco plans to end manufacturing in Northern Ireland and Belgium and close production lines in Germany, leading to the elimination of some 1,100 jobs.

Global action spotlights campaign for hotel housekeepers' rights

10 December 2014 News

InvisiblepainThousands of hotel workers in dozens of cities around the world took part in the IUF  Global Week of Action December 3-10 to highlight the abusive, unacceptable working conditions of housekeeping staff and to demand a safe, secure working environment from a global industry which rests on their efforts. Hotel unions are determined to change the situation, and highlighted the urgent need for industry-wide change with a variety of actions over the course of the week, including workplace and public demonstrations, media events and educational activities.

Another side of Hong Kong's democracy movement: the fight for collective bargaining rights

10 December 2014 News

HKCTUDecember71small%20%28200x158%29The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) continues to push for legislation to establish collective bargaining rights for Hong Kong workers. There is currently no law or regulation which obliges Hong Kong employers to enter into collective bargaining. The HKCTU held a march and rally on December 7 to reiterate their demand for collective bargaining legislation and a 7% pay raise for Hong Kong workers, whose wages have remained stagnant over the past 15 years - boom years for the elite which dominates Hong Kong politics.

PepsiCo India warehouse workers continue their protest actions: 'We will never surrender our rights!'

10 December 2014 News

Supported by the IUF, the PepsiCo (Frito-Lays) Workers Action Committee continues to hold actions in defense of their members' rights. The Action Committee was formed last year in response to mass dismissals after workers formed a union at PepsiCo snack foods warehouses in West Bengal. Under pressure from an international campaign, workers were told they could return to their jobs if they renounced forever their right to form or join a union.

Argentine, Brazilian unions and governments agree to work together to promote union rights in the meat sector

3 December 2014 News

At the initiative of the IUF Latin American Region(REL-UITA), a meeting of meat unions and government officials from Argentina and Brazil was convened in Buenos Aires on November 27 where a groundbreaking agreement was signed to promote cooperation and assistance in government labour policies and on the elimination of human trafficking.

Win for PepsiCo workers occupying Tingalpa!

2 December 2014 News

OccupiedTingalpasmallMembers of the IUF-affiliated National Union of Workers (NUW) have ended their occupation of the lunchroom at PepsiCo's Smith's snack foods warehouse in the Brisbane suburb of Tingalpa for the best of reasons - the union has signed an agreement which puts in place an equal pay system for casual workers and converts casual to permanent positions after 12 months.


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