Sick consumers and injured workers: the price of cheap chicken

29 July 2014 News

UK affiliate Unite the Union has called for increased numbers of food inspectors in the wake of the Guardian newspaper expose on the serious food safety risks throughout the poultry industry supply chain.

IUF backs ITUC call for immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

29 July 2014 News

The IUF stands with the ITUC in demanding urgent implementation of the UN Security Council's call for a ceasefire as the violence and death toll in Gaza continue to escalate.

The Security Council has urged "De-escalation of the situation, restoration of calm, reinstitution of the November 2012 ceasefire and respect for international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians."

Tobacco companies must act to stop migrant US farmworker abuse!

23 July 2014 Urgent Action

Every year thousands of migrant workers, many from Mexico, arrive to work in the US tobacco fields. They spend months in labor camps with deplorable living conditions, suffer from illnesses resulting from nicotine poisoning and exposure to dangerous pesticides and work long hours for sub-poverty wages. Tobacco companies can and must act to end these abuses. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE!

Solidarity with Citra Mina workers at US importer

16 July 2014 News

Members of UFCW Local 359 at New York's New Fulton Seafood Market - the entry point for Citra Mina frozen tuna products into the US - were outraged to learn the story of Citra Mina workers in General Santos, Philippines.

New US investigation confirms agency work can kill

14 July 2014 News

In February 2013, a temporary worker at a sugar plant and warehouse operation in Pennsylvania was buried alive in sugar when he fell through a hopper he had climbed into to free up the flow. None of the workers had permanent contracts. The company had not provided safety training.

Swazi sugar strike ends with important gains for workers

7 July 2014 News

The three-week strike by the Swaziland Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (SAPWU) has ended with important gains for workers. Over the course of the strike union members stood up to intimidation by military and security forces and legal action by the company intended to hamper picketing.

Swaziland sugar strikes spread as South African sugar giant Illovo refuses to settle

1 July 2014 Urgent Action

The strike by 3,000 workers launched on June 13 at Swaziland's Ubombo Sugar continues, despite a settlement with 1,300 striking workers at South African-based Tongaat Hulett's Tambankulu Estates in Swaziland. Illovo's Ubombo management is refusing to concede similar demands. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO ILLOVO!

National agreement on integrating workers with disabilities signed by Israeli unions, employers

30 June 2014 News

Israel's national center Histadrut and the national employer umbrella organization signed a binding agreement on June 26 on the employment of people with disabilities, opening the way for what Histadrut Chairman Avi Nissenkorn called  "800 thousand potential employees that will be able to make a decent living and integrate in the labour market."

'Don't sleep with the Sultan' - Protests at the Dorchester hotels

27 June 2014 News

Hotel workers in Los Angeles, London, Geneva, Paris, Rome and Milan held protests on June 27 and 30 outside the famous Dorchester hotels over laws enacted by the hotel owner, the Sultan of Brunei, which violate the basic human rights of the citizens of his country.

Nestle Chairman misleads public to promote trade and investment agreements

25 June 2014 News

"As far as I know, no one has died in the United States from eating American products. If that is our fear then we also shouldn't go on holiday in the United States."

Tell Philippines' seafood giant Citra Mina to respect the human rights of their workers!

24 June 2014 Urgent Action

citraminaworkersweb Seafood giant Citra Mina is the Philippines' second largest exporter of tuna, doing billions of dollars in sales to the European, Asian and North American markets under the Philfresh brand. This hugely profitable Group, however, is violating the human rights of its workers. CLICK HERE TO TELL THE COMPANY TO RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!

Striking Swaziland sugar workers need your support!

24 June 2014 Urgent Action

Thousands of members of the Swaziland Agricultural & Plantation Workers' Union (SAPWU) launched broad strike action at the operations of two of Africa's leading multinational sugar producers, Tambankulu Estates and Ubombo Sugar, on June 12 and 13, respectively. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE COMPANIES!

Swiss Parliament votes to ratify Domestic Workers Convention

19 June 2014 News

The Swiss Parliament voted on June 12 to ratify the Domestic Workers Convention (ILO C189). Switzerland is the third European country to ratify (after Italy and Germany) and the fifteenth on a global level.

IDWF support women workers in Ukraine

19 June 2014 News

IDWFGenevaThe Executive Committee of the International Domestic Workers' Federation, IDWF, held its first meeting following their founding Congress on June 11 at the IUF secretariat in Geneva.

Philippines unions picket union-busting Citra Mina

19 June 2014 News

The Philippines national center SENTRO mobilized hundreds of members on June 19 to picket distribution outlets belonging to Citra Mina, the seafood giant which terminated 78 workers last year to prevent them from forming a union.


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