Published: 07/01/2019

Since June 2018, when the full extent of Nestlé’s restructuring plans for Germany became clear, the NGG has been mobilizing action and solidarity amongst its members in the name of promoting “people before profit”. Over the past months, numerous protest actions and work stoppages took place throughout the Nestlé sites in Germany. In October, some 400 Nestlé workers from across Germany travelled to Switzerland for a mass protest at Nestlé headquarters with international support.

Commitment and solidarity have resulted in a comprehensive agreement on measures regulating the restructuring which was reached in mid-December after long and difficult negotiations. The measures include financial compensation, early retirement arrangements for workers over 55, financial support for vocational training and the establishment of “transfer companies” which ensure a continued employment relationship for a period of one year and provide training and outplacement services.

The agreement applies to all workers affected by the closures (on 31 January) of the Ludwigsburg and Weiding sites and the planned restructuring in Lüdinghausen and Biessenhofen.

The NGG has underlined that it was only through solidarity among the Nestlé sites in Germany and internationally that this result could be achieved.