Published: 16/08/2019

Evidence that PT BMI have deliberately and systematically paid workers below the provincial minimum wage was revealed in an Indonesian Court. Legal firm LBH Lampung together with IUF affiliate FSBMM have filed a criminal case against BMI management based on management’s testimony during the trial of persecuted union leader Reni Desmiria. Sanctions under the law include imprisonment of those responsible and fines.

Sumaindra Jarwadi, the lawyer representing Desmiria, told the Court that not only are the wages received by workers below the minimum wage provisions set by the Provincial Government but there is also no compliance with the compulsory Government work safety insurance scheme.

The filing of the case against BMI has been reported extensively in the local media. An English translation of the story in the link above can be read here.

BMI is a supplier to major seafood companies such as Chicken of the Sea who have overlooked these underpayments through their inadequate social auditing processes.