Published: 07/08/2013

According to the IUF-affiliated Fiji National Union of Hospitality Catering and Tourism Industries Employees (NUHCTIE), Fiji’s tourism sector employers are using the repressive political environment in the country to withdraw recognition and impose obstacles to collective bargaining. International hotel chains, such as Accor, are taking advantage of military dictatorship’s repression of unions (click here for more) to increase precarious employment.

Although the hotel industry in Fiji is a major earner for the economy, a majority of workers don’t have decent hours of work, resulting in below poverty line wages. In most hotels, workers are employed on a part-time basis while workers who retire or resign are replaced by casual or temporary workers.

The IUF Asia Pacific Regional Committee has agreed to step up support action for Fijian workers and their unions with a new round of protests calling for restoration of democracy and full workers’ rights.

The IUF fully supports the “Destination Fiji” campaign to restore democracy and worker’s rights.