Published: 01/10/2015
The IUF-affiliated NUWHRAIN set up a Campaign Committee in August after joining the Global Housekeeping Campaign and has won important gains for local union chapters at Sofitel and Holiday Inn in Manila. The union has succeeded in eliminating the room quotas for housekeepers at the two hotels, shifts are limited to 8 hours, a group of casual housekeeper employees have been converted to permanent employment and more conversions to permanent status are expected.

NUWHRAIN is also seeking to involve the country’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in their fight to raise standards for housekeepers across the industry. Following public action to highlight abusive and unhealthy conditions,NUWHRAIN met with DOLE to discuss including union participation in health and safety inspections, a joint study on the condition of housekeepers, developing a government health and safety standard for the industry and measures to enable casual workers in the sector to effectively access their rights. The dialogue is set to continue.