Published: 16/08/2012

The Scottish government set up a taskforce to look at the implications of the proposed closure of the Hall’s of Broxburn pork processing plant shortly after Vion Food, citing unsustainable losses reaching GBP 79,000 per day, announced its closure plans on 5 July.

The taskforce has been examining the company’s finances and identifying potential process improvements and savings; conducting an economic impact assessment into the effects of job losses; exploring options for the future of the plant; and working to safeguard jobs and the pork supply chain.

Headed by Scotland finance secretary John Swinney and including representatives from Vion, USDAW, the local government and members of parliament for the area, Scottish government agencies and business associations, the taskforce will hold its third meeting on 22 August amid rumours that two potential buyers have expressed interest in the plant.

Parallel to this, the consultation period continues in the plant, with meetings between workers, USDAW and management taking place on a weekly basis.

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