Published: 23/07/2013

Since March this year, workers employed by Mondelez around the world have campaigned for the company to respect human rights and meet with the IUF. In the Netherlands, the FNV Bondgenoten Congress pledged support. On May Day, IUF affiliates in Nigeria, India and Pakistan drew attention to the dismissal of union leaders by Mondelez. In the UK and France, Unite the Union and FGA-CFDT hosted Egyptian leaders and signed ‘twinning’ agreements with their Cadbury Workers Union. In Korea, KCTWU Dongsuh Food Union delegates called for the respect of human rights. In Belgium, Mondelez Works Council representatives condemned the company’s failure to enter into direct discussions with the IUF. In Norway and Sweden, members of the NNN and LIVS pledged protests would continue. Workers in Mondelez plants in Australia and New Zealand demanded all workers have access to join a union and bargain collectively without fear of persecution and dismissal. US unionists demonstrated outside the Company AGM, at Deerfield, Illinois. The IUF campaign rolls on. Read more on the campaign website here.