Published: 17/04/2019

IUF young workers from across the world, representing their regions, trade groups and committees, gathered in Geneva on April 1, 2019 for the constituting meeting of the IUF Young Workers’ Committee.

The Committee elected three women: Monica Bufon Augusto from CONTAG (Brazil) as chair, and Gabriela Tricolici from MOLDSINDCOOPCOMERT (Moldova) and Sofia Braithwaite from the Barbados Workers Union as vice chairs. Monica Augusto now serves on both the IUF’s Strategic Leadership and Executive Committees, after the 2017 IUF Congress decision to establish young worker seats with decision making power on IUF governing bodies. The IUF Young Workers’ Committee welcomed this decision taken by the 2017 Congress and reported to IUF’s Executive Committee on April 3, “For us as young workers to believe that our voices are heard within our unions, we must be integrated into decision making bodies and have full voting rights.”