Published: 01/10/2021

The IUF is challenging AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, to remedy rights abuses in its Latin American operations. In a letter to recently appointed CEO, Michel Doukeris, the IUF demanded the company resolve problems in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru:

  • Despite the IUF affiliate FETIASP’s call for 2 meters of physical distancing between workers on the production lines and better access to intensive care treatment, unofficial data has identified 160 infected workers and two deaths in AB InBev’s operations in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic
  • The IUF is demanding AB InBev take necessary measures to protect union leaders after five members of the IUF affiliate Beer, Drinks, Food, Malting and Similar Industry Workers’ Union (USTIAM) that represents AB InBev workers in Colombia received death threats by telephone on June 15, 2021 following their support of a national strike
  • In El Salvador in late April 2021 AB InBev unfairly fired 32 workers who were all members of the IUF affiliated Union of Constancia Workers (Sitraconsta); the IUF is calling on AB InBev management to remedy the rights violations in El Salvador by reinstating the unfairly dismissed union members, recognizing the union and beginning negotiations with Sitraconsta
  • Since 2017 AB InBev Peru has fired three union General Secretaries (Luis Samán, José Gayoso, and José Leiva) as well as 15 workers at the northern plant in Motupe, Peru who were all striking members of the National Union of Backus; the IUF is demanding that the company comply with national laws and fully respect the freedom of association


The IUF, and particularly our members in the IUF International Brewery Division, notably those representing AB InBev workers, will continue our support for AB InBev union leaders and workers in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru.
Sue Longley, IUF General Secretary