Published: 18/03/2021

The adoption by the International Labour Conference of Convention 190 (C190) and Recommendation 206 (R206) in June 2019 establishes key instruments for unions’ long-term efforts to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work. With the pandemic-related increase in violence and harassment, these instruments are more important than ever. Thanks to pressure from the labour movement, Italy is the first European country to ratify C190; nevertheless, ratification is only the first step in this fight as IUF affiliates in Italy share here:

  • Maria Grazia Gabrielli, General Secretary of Filcams CGIL, sets up the road map: “Bargaining plays an important role in building concrete practices and measures to combat harassment. The negotiations on the renewal of the National sectoral agreement for the commerce and service sectors will include this issue. Coming off of the ratification of the convention, further actions by the trade union movement have an important role to play, starting at the workplace, to the cultural change necessary to overcome the legacy of gender-based violence, prejudice and discrimination.”
  • Tina Bali, National Secretary of Flai CGIL, adds: “The union’s priority is the full implementation and concrete application of the convention. It will be key task for Flai and CGIL to intervene through bargaining. It is also essential to run awareness campaigns through targeted processes of information distribution and training of our shop stewards in companies, territories and all workplaces that, like agriculture, are fragmented and at greater risk of exploitation and sexual harassment.”
  • Emilio Fargnoli, International Department of UILTuCS-UIL, affirms: “UILTuCS will do its utmost to promote C190. It is clear to us that gender issues, equal opportunity, mobbing and stalking in the workplace can also be effectively addressed at the local level in the spirit of C190. These actions will complement those undertaken by our national center in cooperation with institutions such as the Equality Advisor and the Labour Inspectorate in order to support effective gender equality.”

Argentina, Ecuador, Fiji, Namibia, Somalia and Uruguay have also ratified C190. South Africa, Chile, Ireland, Spain and Mongolia are the next countries moving this process.