Published: 12/06/2023

More than 50 young workers from all IUF regions gathered in Geneva on June 12 for the second IUF Young Workers Conference with strong commitments made by the IUF’s General Secretary to give space to young workers at the IUF Congress.

  • Panelists from Indonesia, Guyana, Pakistan and the US discussed how we can build the global culture of organizing and develop our policy approach around youth work
  • Panelists from Belize, Denmark, Thailand and Uganda debated how we can build a network of young worker leaders and encourage young worker representation in the IUF, IUF regions, affiliates and the public sphere
  • The conference tasked the incoming IUF Young Workers Committee to structure their work around four pillars:
    • Organize & Grow, OR Die (Workplace organizing)
    • Our work, Our future (Training, policy and lobbying)
    • Building a network of young worker leaders
    • Make our voices heard (Internal organizing)
  • A new IUF Young Workers Committee was elected, with 13 committee members from across the world and the following leadership team:

Chair: Uroš Milivojević, GS PPI Nezavisnost, Serbia
1st Vice Chair: Barbara Badaru, National Union of Plantation & Agricultural Workers, Uganda
2nd Vice Chair: Iqra Jamil, Pakistan Food Workers’ Federation, Pakistan