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Peru: AB InBev tries to introduce sanctions and harassment in collective bargaining 20-10-2020

The CBC Peruana Company bottles soft drinks and energy drinks of PepsiCo and is a strategic partner of AB InBev. Since the negotiation of a new set of claims has begun this year, workers have reported a series of irregularities in the conduct of the company.

Honduras: Stibys requests urgent intervention by Ministry of Labor as AB InBev persists with its abuses 20-10-2020

The IUF-affiliated Beverage and Related Industry Workers' Union (STIBYS) called on the Ministry of Labor to intervene in order to stop the continuous abuses by Cervecería Hondureña, owned by AB InBev, against the rights of employees. In a letter addressed to the Deputy Minister of Labor, Olvin Villalobos, the union demands the payment of wages to the more than 200 workers over 60 years of age or with pre-existing health issues who cannot work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Honduras: STIBYS mobilizes nationwide in AB InBev 20-10-2020

In August, the IUF-affiliated Beverage and Related Industry Workers' Union (STIBYS) denounced the violations of the collective agreement by Cervecería Hondureña SA (AB InBev). A month later the union sent a new list of demands to the company. However, the labor authorities announced that it is not possible to negotiate new agreements until the country normalizes its activities following the health crisis.




AB InBev's plan of systematic job destruction in Colombia 07-10-2020

In an interview with the IUF's Latin America region the national president of the Union of Workers of the Beer, Beverage, Food, Malt and Similar Industry (USTIAM) outlined the difficulties that the organization faces with the Colombian management of the beer giant AB InBev (Bavaria).

AB InBev Jupille: strike continues following an outbreak of COVID-19 08-09-2020

AB InBev's Jupille factory near Liège, one of the main production sites in Belgium, has been shut down since September 3 due to an outbreak of coronavirus. Nine employees tested positive for the coronavirus last week and one of them is now hospitalized in critical condition.

STIBYS denounces current collective agreement with AB InBev Honduras 18-08-2020

On August 11, 2020 the IUF-affiliated Beverage and Related Industry Workers' Union (STIBYS), denounced the collective agreement signed in 2017 with Cervecería Hondureña (Honduran Brewery that bottles AB InBev and Coca-Cola products) and sent the company the union's demands for new negotiations aimed at reaching a new collective agreement.


Panama: Protests against abuses by AB InBev 21-07-2020

The rights violations by the transnational brewery are not limited to the conflicts in Honduras and El Salvador. Now they also include abuses in Panama.

El Salvador: AB InBev puts profit before life 21-07-2020

AB InBev's subsidiary La Constancia LTDA in El Salvador has been ignoring health protocols for the prevention and control of COVID-19.


Colombia: AB InBev workers denounce dismissals misrepresented as mutually agreed departures 21-07-2020

The IUF-affiliated Union of Workers in the Beer, Beverage, Food, Malt and Similar Industries (USTIAM), has condensed the unfair practices of the Bavaria company, a subsidiary of the beer giant AB InBev.


Panama AB InBev : Illegal suspensions and violation of the collective agreement 25-06-2020

On June 18, 2020 workers from Cervecería Nacional SA (Anheuser-Busch InBev) affiliated with the Union of Workers of the Beer Industry of Panama (STICP) started a protest, which included both the processing plant and the local distribution and sales agencies nationwide. The workers protested the illegal suspension of 13 workers at the Pasadena plant and the violation of the collective agreement.


Collective action beats back anti-union aggression by management at AB InBev Honduras 04-06-2020

Collective protests and a work stoppage have restored respect for union rights at AB InBev's Cervecería Hondureña plant in San Pedro Sula, which also bottles products for Coca-Cola.




Strike at Honduran Brewery (AB InBev and Coca-Cola bottler) ends with agreement 03-06-2020

On May 29, 2020 workers of Cervecería Hondureña (Honduran Brewery that bottles AB InBev and Coca-Cola products) who are members of the IUF-affiliated STIBYS halted production at the San Pedro Sula plant. Following the strike, the union and management, with the mediation of the labour authorities, reached an agreement and suspended the protest.

Panama: AB InBev owned National Brewery dismisses and violates agreement 29-05-2020

On May 18, 2020 members of the Union of Workers of the Panama Beer Industry (STICP), with the support of the Union of Workers in the Manufacture and Marketing of Soft Drinks, Beverages, Beers, Liqueurs and Similar products of Panama (Sitrafcorebgascelis) and Unitary Federation of the Working Class (FUCLAT), protested in front of AB InBev's production plant in the capital city.

AB InBev India: Union temporarily suspends picket line to protect workers and community in COVID-19 crisis 07-04-2020

After 763 days of continuous picketing at AB InBev Sonepat, the union has temporarily closed the picket line to reduce any possible risk for union members and the local community during the COVID-19 crisis.



Teamsters and AB InBev jointly announce a temporary pay increase for front line workers in USA 03-04-2020

The IUF-affiliated Teamsters has signed a joint statement with AB InBev announcing a temporary pay increase of at least 10% for front line workers in the USA. This is in addition to a prior agreement that full-time employees having to absent themselves from work will be provided COVID-19 related sick leave with pay.


Gains for Heineken Netherlands workers in new CBA follow threat of industrial action by FNV 17-02-2020

Members of the IUF-affiliated Federation of Dutch trade unions (FNV) have agreed a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Heineken against the background of proposed industrial action. Workers have agreed a structural wage increase of 7.5% over two years.

AB InBev Honduras: Employment in San Pedro Sula is in danger 07-02-2020

On February 5, 2020 the IUF-affiliated Union of Workers of Beverage and Similar Industry (STIBYS), carried out a protest action in front of the Cervecería Hondureña SA factory gate in San Pedro Sula. STIBYS denounced the repeated violations of the collective bargaining agreement that was signed in 2017 with the brewery which is a subsidiary of AB InBev.

Netherlands: Heineken makes new offer under pressure of threatening actions from FNV 07-02-2020

Heineken has come up with a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) offer.  This was done before the deadline set by the FNV (Monday February 3, 2019). Heineken made a wage offer of 3.75% per year for the next two years. Jet Grimbergen, director of FNV Industry, said "This is a considerable improvement compared to the first bid of 2% per year."


Workers locked out as situation escalates at Gilde Brewery 07-02-2020

The IUF-affiliated German Food and Allied Workers Union (NGG) published a press release about the ongoing dispute over collective agreements for its members at the Gilde Brewery in Hanover. Please find below the English translation of this press release.

India: AB InBev Budweiser workers mark 700 days of picketing for rights and recognition 23-01-2020

Workers at AB InBev's Budweiser plant in Sonepat, India continue their fight for rights and recognition. The workers have now been sustaining a continuous picket for 700 days, joined by a growing number of permanent workers at the plant.



The German Food and Allied Workers Union takes Gilde Brewery to court 16-12-2019

The German Food and Allied Workers Union (NGG) is taking legal action against the management of the Gilde Brewery. According to a union spokeswoman, it is taking the brewery to court for splitting up the company and obstructing the work of the works council.





Belgium: Trade unions and AB InBev management reach agreement in principle 12-12-2019

At brewery giant AB InBev, IUF-affiliated trade unions and the management reached an agreement in principle on job security on Friday, December 6, 2019. The agreement will apply for a period of five years.


Belgium: IUF affiliates block AB InBev factory gates in Jupille and Leuven 05-12-2019

IUF affiliates that represent the AB InBev workers in Jupille and Leuven factories have conducted a blocking action this week on Monday and Tuesday. In recent weeks, relations with management have been strained.

Colombia: SINALTRAINBEC signs a new agreement with AB InBev following strike vote 29-10-2019

After a long conflict and the decision to go on strike, IUF-affiliated SINALTRAINBEC that represents workers at the Bavaria Company, a subsidiary of AB InBev, signed a new collective agreement on October 25. The IUF Latin America region spoke with Carlos Ortiz, national president of SINALTRAINBEC, about this successful struggle.

Colombia: unions join forces to negotiate collective agreement at AB InBev 28-09-2019

The IUF-affiliated National Union of Beverage Industry Workers in Colombia (SINALTRAINBEC) and a sister organization The Union of Workers of the Food and Beverage Industry of Colombia (UTIBAC) will jointly negotiate a collective agreement  at AB InBev plants in Colombia. Negotiations  are scheduled to begin on 4 October.


Stibys denounces Cervecería Hondureña for violation of collective agreement 23-09-2019

The Trade Union of Beverages and Related Industries (Stibys) represents AB InBev and Coca-Cola workers in Honduras. The union held an action in front of the Honduran Brewery, a subsidiary of beer giant AB InBev, in Tegucigalpa on September 17, 2019 to condemn the violation of the collective agreement.


Brave struggle of AB InBev Sonepat workers continues 11-09-2019

AB InBev Sonepat workers have been fighting for their rights for more than 540 days. To support their struggle, IUF affiliates in India organized a protest action in front of AB InBev's Bangalore office on September 9. They demanded that AB InBev stop busting the union and ruining lives.


AB InBev Sonepat India workers mark 500 days of struggle for rights and recognition 11-07-2019

On July 7, union members, family and community supporters marked 500 days of the struggle for rights and recognition at AB InBev's Budweiser plant in Sonepat, India.


Panama: Unions present joint proposal to AB InBev 25-02-2019

The Union of Workers of the Brewing Industry of Panama (Sticp) and the Industrial Union of Workers of the Manufacturing and Commercialization of Refreshments, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Beers, Spirits and Similar (Sitrafgorebgascelis) will present to AB InBev a joint proposal for a collective agreement that aims, among other things, to reduce outsourcing.

Teamsters Ratify Anheuser-Busch Agreement 20-02-2019

Job Security and Wage Increases Included in Five-Year Contract

How did Heineken perform in 2018? - results data 17-02-2019

2018 sales climb 6.1% to EUR22.47bn (US$25.38bn)
12-month volumes increase by 4.2%, all regions post growth
"Superior" sales growth performance expected in 2019, despite continued economic volatility

Honduras: AB InBev does not respect collective bargaining agreement 14-02-2019

The Union of Workers of the Beverage and Similar Industry (Stibys) mobilized to denounce the repeated violations of the collective bargaining agreement which was signed with Cervecería Hondureña (AB InBev) less than two years ago.

USA: Contract Negotiations With Anheuser-Busch Begin 31-10-2018

Anheuser-Busch and International Brotherhood of Teamsters began national bargaining last week.

Ukraine: AB InBev-Efes union leaders salute the struggle at AB InBev Sonepat India for union and bargaining rights 16-10-2018

Chernihiv Branch of PJSC SUN InBev Ukraine union leaders and members posed for solidarity with their coworkers at AB InBev Sonepat facility in India who have been fighting for their union and collective bargaining rights for more than two years.

IUF affiliates in Ukraine, Turkey and Belgium call on AB InBev to remedy ongoing rights violations at Sonepat facility in India 16-10-2018

Following a factory visit of AB InBev-EFES joint venture in Chernihiv-Ukraine, IUF members from Turkey, Ukraine and Belgium expressed deep concern about the failure of AB InBev to remedy now long-standing human rights abuses at AB InBev Sonepat India.

200 days and still fighting! Brewery workers across India support struggle at AB InBev's Budweiser plant 06-09-2018
September 6 marked the 200th day of continuous protest action in front of AB InBev's Budweiser plant in Sonepat, India. Brewery workers from other AB InBev sites and Carlsberg joined the protest action in solidarity with the Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBMU).

IUF affiliate in Timor Leste in solidarity with victimized AB InBev Sonepat India union leaders and workers 03-09-2018

IUF-affiliated General Workers Union of Timor Leste (SJT-TL) poses for a solidarity photo for AB InBev Sonepat-India workers and their union Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBLM). For the past two years they have been fighting for their right to union recognition and collective bargaining free from harassment and victimization.

Struggle continues for rights and recognition at AB InBev Sonepat India 02-07-2018

SonepatProtest1IUF members at global brewery giant AB InBev's plant in Sonepat, India continue their non-stop peaceful protest in defense of union rights and recognition outside the factory gate. The Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBLM) launched the action in February in response to management's escalating attacks on union members and ongoing refusal to enter into good faith negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.


Anti-union harassment and victimization escalate at AB InBev Sonepat India 05-06-2018

Sonepat3Management at global brewer AB InBev's plant in Sonepat, India is escalating its attacks on trade union rights. Since February, the union has been defending its rights with an ongoing non-stop protest at the factory gate and needs your support. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO AB InBev!



Asahi readies European production for Super Dry - report 16-10-2017

Asahi is to start producing its Super Dry beer brand in Europe, the brewer's president has told reporters.

Super Dry will begin production at Asahi's Padua factory in the north of Italy, one of the brewing assets it acquired from SABMiller last year, Akiyoshi Koji told Bloomberg in an interview last week. The company will start selling Super Dry in Italy and the UK from January, Koji said.

"I tried the beer there before production began, and the taste was the same as in Japan," Koji said in Tokyo.

US craft beer approaching "SKU rationalisation" - figures 25-09-2017

The US craft beer segment may have peaked, a new report suggests, as figures show stock keeping unit (SKUs) going into decline.

Overall beer SKUs in the US have more than doubled in the past six years, according to figures collated by Consumer Edge Research. The increase, from 6,388 in 2011 to 13,238 at the end of last year, was driven by a rise in the number of independent brewers alongside the growing demand for craft beer.

However, since the start of this year, SKUs have dropped to 12,786, a decrease of almost 4%.

Heineken 3 grabs market share in Australia - figures 25-09-2017

The 3.3%-abv Heineken 3 has captured almost a third of the Australian premium mid-strength beer market since its launch last year, Heineken has said.

The beer, which is the focus of a new marketing campaign in Australia, accounted for 31% of July sales in the premium mid-strength category, according to scanner data cited by Heineken today. The brand also has a 21% awareness level with 18-65-year-old consumers and a 79% repurchase rate.

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