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New York City law gives fast-food workers scheduling rights 08-06-2017

The mayor of New York has signed a package of bills benefitting some 65,000 fast food workers, the key component of which is a requirement that fast food restaurants schedule their workers at least two weeks in advance or pay extra for shift changes.
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New Zealand McDonald's workers gain new collective agreement 08-06-2017

Members of the IUF-affiliated Unite Union in New Zealand have overwhelmingly endorsed the agreement reached by the bargaining group and McDonald's. The agreement covers all McDonald's restaurants in New Zealand, including those franchised, and the improvements apply only to Unite members.
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Philippines: strike action looms as rights abuses continue at luxury Manila Peninsula Hotel 24-05-2017

PeninsulaJennyThe IUF-affiliated Peninsula Employees Union has filed for industrial action at the upscale hotel in response to management's aggressive attacks on working conditions and basic workplace rights. Management's refusal to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement in good faith has provoked the threat of a major industrial dispute, compounding tensions arising from ongoing harassment and disciplinary action against union leaders. CLICK HERE TO SEND A PROTEST MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL.
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Swedish research shows how hotel housekeepers suffer from strain injuries 16-05-2017

Out of 50 groups of female workers, hotel housekeepers are at the top of the list as regard the speed of upper arm movement, the greatest amount of bending forward of the back and the greatest strain on the lower arm.

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Fast-food giants in Germany refuse to pay workers a living wage 12-05-2017

Since last October, German fast-food workers have been in a conflict with employers over fair pay and a living wage. In collective bargaining with the German food workers union NGG, the companies have offered a wage which is considerably below what the German government calculates as the minimum needed to build for a decent retirement. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to the employers who refuse to pay a living wage!
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Australian union survey reveals full measure of sexual harassment and employer complacence in the hospitality sector 02-05-2017

The results of a nationwide survey of hundreds of hospitality workers carried out by the IUF-affiliated United Voice in Australia show that 89% of the survey respondents report being sexually harassed at work, with 19% reporting sexual assaults.

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Fast food workers on strike for a living wage in New Zealand 24-04-2017

UniteNZKFCStrikeUnite Union members at KFC, Starbucks, Carls Jr and Pizza Hut went on nationwide strike on April 22 to launch their campaign for a living wage. Workers voted overwhelmingly to take strike action against Restaurant Brands, the company which manages the four brands' New Zealand operations, after negotiations for a new contract broke down over the company's refusal to raise wages.

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Strike averted as Swedish hotels return to the bargaining table for new national agreement 19-04-2017

The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers' Union HRF signed a new 3-year national agreement for the sector on April 18 which meets their key bargaining demands less than 12 hours before a national strike was scheduled to begin.

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Swedish hotel workers prepare for national strike 10-04-2017

HRFlogoThe IUF-affiliated hotel and restaurant workers' union Hotell- och Restaurangfacket (HRF) has given notice for a national strike targeting 19 hotels in 6 cities across the country beginning April 19, 2017. The strikes involve all hotel staff and a ban on new hiring and the use of temporary workers.
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Italy: tourism workers strike in defense of social benefits and job security 03-04-2017

StrikeItalyTourism120Italian tourism workers, including workers in the catering, fast food and restaurant sectors held a one-day national strike on March 31 to highlight their demand for a renewal of the sectoral collective agreement and their rejection of employer demands for reduced social benefits and employment protection.
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AccorHotels: French government study reveals high risk of discriminatory hiring practices 27-03-2017

AccorHotelsLogoThe results of a survey of selected companies released in December 2016 highlighted the risk of discrimination against applicants with North African-sounding names. The companies were then asked to produce plans to address discrimination during recruitment. To date, two of the forty surveyed companies have not established a sufficient action plan. One of these companies is the transnational hotel chain AccorHotels.
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India: Taj Hotel workers secure wages, job security for 2 year renovation closure 21-03-2017

TajConnemaraThe union at the Taj Connemara resort in Tamil Nadu, which is affiliated to the Hotel Employees Federation of India (HEFOI), succeeded in negotiating a job security agreement for the duration of the temporary closure of the resort for renovation.
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UTHGRA Argentina housekeeper survey confirms global scope of workplace-related injury and illness 13-03-2017

HousekeepersSurveyUTHGRAThe IUF-affiliated UTHGRA has completed a survey of hotel housekeepers' health in Argentina, Brazil, Spain and three Asian countries (Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia). The results confirm that current work arrangements are injurious to workers' physical and psychological health, and highlight the urgent need to redesign the workplace.

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A new tool for tourism workers: ILO Guidelines on Decent Work and Socially Responsible Tourism 08-03-2017

IlologoTourism is widely cited as a growth driver for developing countries, a source of job creation and a pathway to the labour market for young workers. What is always unsaid is that too often workers in the industry are denied the basic human rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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Fast food Indonesia: struggle for rights and recognition continues at Champ Resto 03-03-2017

On March 1 the IUF-affiliated FSPM held a protest action at the grand opening of two new Champ Resto outlets in Surabaya, with FSPM members from cities across Java turning out to show their determination to continue the fight for reinstatement of unfairly dismissed workers and for the medical insurance workers are illegally denied.
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UNITE HERE U.S. and Canada in the IUF Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action 28-02-2017

FairhousekeepingUNITEHEREUNITE HERE members held actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto and Northern Illinois to demand safer working conditions and dignity for housekeepers within the framework of the IUF Global Week of Action.

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Nordic Hotel and Restaurant Unions demand #FairHousekeeping 17-02-2017

FairHousekeepingThe Nordic Union-HRCT and its member unions are committed to fighting for #FairHousekeeping for all hotel housekeepers in the Nordic countries. The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Union and 3F Private Service Hotels and Restauration in Denmark are putting special emphasis on improved working conditions for housekeepers in the negotiations for new collective agreements with their employer associations which are now under way.
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Philippines: luxury Peninsula hotel still victimizing union leaders for participating in IUF Global Housekeeper Campaign 02-02-2017

PeninsulaJennyUnion leaders at the 5-star Peninsula Manila hotel, owned by the luxury Peninsula Hotels group, are still facing harsh retaliation by hotel management for their involvement in the IUF's Global Houskeepers Campaign and for effectively representing their members at the hotel. CLICK HERE TO SEND A PROTEST MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL!

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Dignity for hotel housekeepers? 30-01-2017

HRFlogoThe hotel- and restaurant worker´s trade union (HRF) in Sweden sent out a survey to hundreds of employees in hotel housekeeping about their working environment. The result is very alarming.

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Champ Resto fast food workers in Indonesia keep up their struggle for justice 27-01-2017

ChampRestoPHKWith the support of the IUF-affiliated FSPM, workers unfairly dismissed from Indonesia's Champ Resto fast food chain last year continue their fight for reinstatement and for the medical insurance workers are illegally denied.

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Sheraton Brussels: workers thrown on the scrapheap while hotel gets renovated 20-01-2017

SheratonBrussels1Two hundred workers at the Sheraton Brussels hotel in Belgium are paying the price of a conflict between the owner, the UK-based property group International Real Estate Ltd, and Starwood, recently bought by Marriott, who managed the establishment. When the owner and management couldn't agree on who should pay for renovation and asbestos removal Sheraton management simply walked away, leaving the workers jobless when bankruptcy was declared.

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Seattle hotel workers win enhanced protection against sexual harassment and injuries at the workplace 20-01-2017

Yeson124-smallVoters in the US city of Seattle overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure on November 8 which gives hotel workers important new protection against sexual harassment and injuries on the job.

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IUF West African affiliates step up housekeeper initiatives 18-01-2017

HKGWABENINIUF affiliates in French-speaking West Africa expanded their work with housekeepers in connection with the third annual global week of action as part of their commitment to combating the vulnerability, abuse, unsafe working conditions and exploitation by unscrupulous and hostile employers facing many workers.

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Pakistan: arrested Quetta Serena Hotel unionists back at work, their struggle continues! 03-01-2017

The sixty-three members and officers of the IUF-affiliated Quetta Serena Hotel Union who were arrested on November 30 for peacefully gathering in front of the hotel after union members were denied entry are now back at work. Management has not pressed charges nor followed through with disciplinary proceedings, and the provincial High Court has overturned an earlier labour court decision instigated by the hotel management banning union activity at the hotel.
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Rio Tinto contracts Sodexo to roll out 'smart' infrastructure in West Australia 09-12-2016

Company pride in the innovative use of smart technology has also brought a sudden realization that the intention to 'capture individual insights and metrics on equipment and people movement, customer satisfaction, even retail spending' is perceived as intrusive and a serious invasion of privacy.
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Sexual harassment rampant in the service sector 09-12-2016

Affiliate surveys in North America and the Nordic countries and other information gathering has revealed alarming rates of sexual harassment in the hotel, restaurant, catering and tourism sectors.
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Pakistan: protest mass arrest of union members at Quetta Serena Hotel! 02-12-2016

QTASerenaworkersinpolicecustudysmallSixty-three members and officers of the IUF-affiliated Quetta Serena Hotel Union were arrested on November 30 for peacefully gathering in front of the hotel after union members were denied entry and prevented from performing their jobs. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE HOTEL MANAGEMENT!

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Hotel housekeepers stand up around the world for rights, recognition and safe work in Global Action Week 18-11-2016


Hotel housekeepers and their unions in 34 countries and over 50 cities around the world held a variety of actions to highlight their fight for rights, recognition and better working conditions during the IUF's 3rd Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action from October 31 to November 6.

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Workers at Seoul luxury Sejong Hotel continue the fight to defend their independent union 10-11-2016

Sejong_0Members of the independent, democratic trade union at the Sejong Hotel in Seoul continue their weekly protest actions to defend their union. Since 2011, management at the luxury 5 star hotel has used new laws allowing multiple unions in the workplace to sponsor a pro-management group and undermine the Sejong Hotel Labor Union, which is a member of the IUF-affiliated KFSU.
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Workers demand union recognition at McDonald's Korea 10-11-2016


Representatives of IUF Asia/Pacific and the IUF-affiliated SEIU expressed their solidarity with workers organizing for union recognition at a protest action in front of the McDonald's Korea head office in Seoul organized by the Arbeit (Part-Time) Workers' Union.
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Spanish hotel housekeepers call on the European Parliament for action to end exploitation and abuse 28-10-2016

SpanishhousekeepersatEuropeanParlamientSpeaking before members of the European Parliament on October 19, two hotel housekeepers who are union shop stewards called for action to put an end to the appalling working conditions in Europe's hospitality industry.
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Fast food workers win guaranteed hours in New Zealand 13-10-2016

Unitelogo_0The IUF-affiliate Unite Union and Restaurant Brands, which owns the rights to market KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Carl's Jr brands in New Zealand, have signed an agreement which fully guarantees workers' hours and shifts.
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Leading fast food chain in Indonesia escalates repression against workers demanding basic rights 03-10-2016

ChampRestoJakartaChamp Resto Indonesia, one of Indonesia's leading fast food chains, is escalating its aggression against workers and their union, who are demanding respect for basic rights. You can support their struggle - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CHAMP RESTO!

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On World Tourism Day, workers are demanding that governments recognize the impact of climate change on tourism, and that protecting the rights and livelihoods of tourism workers be part of the response.


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Tourism workers in Tunisia win important pay rise 20-09-2016

After several negotiating sessions starting in June 2016, IUF affiliate FGAT-UGTT and the Tunisian Hotel Federation have reached a framework agreement which provides workers in the sector with a 6% pay rise.
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Fast food workers in the Philippines fight for new laws to combat precarious work 23-08-2016


As part of its ongoing campaign for a living wage and secure jobs for fast food workers, the Respect Fast Food Workers' Alliance (RESPECT) joined APL-Youth in organizing several activities in the lead-up to International Youth Day on August 12, focusing on the fight against precarious employment among young workers.

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Young workers rebuilding a sustainable tourism industry in Nepal 23-08-2016

Nepal2Over the past 18 months the IUF-affiliated Nepal Independent Hotel, Casino & Restaurant Workers Union (NIHWU) and Union of Trekking-Travels-Rafting Workers (UNITRAV) have been organizing and campaigning to ensure a more responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism industry emerges from the rubble of the devastating earthquakes of April 2015. At the heart of this strategy for sustainable tourism is the need to organize young workers.

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LSG Skychefs strike ends in Turkey with the settlement of the collective agreement 11-08-2016

The agreement provides for significantly improved wages and social benefits.
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LSG Sky Chefs workers strike for better pay in Turkey 05-08-2016

On August 2, approximately 400 members of IUF affiliate Tekgida-Is went on strike at the Turkish operations of airline catering TNC, LSG Sky Chefs, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, following a break down in collective bargaining.
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Novoprof launches campaign "People in Fast Food" 05-08-2016

As in many other countries, the majority of fast food employees in Russia are adults, who are often supporting families and whose jobs are the main source of family income.
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Wage theft detected in the U.S. Senate 03-08-2016

The U.S. Labor Department has discovered the catering contractor Restaurant Associates (a subsidiary of Compass) and its subcontractor Personnel Plus underpaid 674 cafeteria workers in the United States Senate by $1 million, through wrongly classifying cooks and chefs as 'food servers' and by forcing workers to work unpaid overtime.
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Mass dismissal of fast food workers in the fight for health care in Indonesia 22-07-2016


On July 20 the national hotel and restaurant workers' federation, FSPM, held a mass action in Jakarta to demand the reinstatement of 83 union members who were terminated by one of the country's leading fast food chains, PT Champ Resto Indonesia, for protesting against the lack of health coverage that contributed to the death of a new-born baby.

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Philippines: Brave rights struggle continues at Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club 18-06-2016

Five years after the union at Mount Malarayat Golf and Country Club won legal recognition, management still refuses to recognize the union and respect the right to collective bargaining. Spirited protest actions outside the resort over the past two weeks successfully forced management into compulsory arbitration by the office of the Secretary of Labor. 

West Africa, unions use the hotel housekeepers initiative to put an end to sexual harassment 14-06-2016

Sexual harassment was the main focus of activities by IUF affiliates in French speaking countries in West Africa, which joined the 2nd Global Week of Action with a number of workshops.
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Housekeepers campaign boosts union action, negotiations for improved working conditions in Africa 27-05-2016


With the support of the IUF and the impulse provided by the Global Action Week, IUF affiliates in Africa are organizing, strengthening their demands on employers and negotiating improved working conditions for housekeepers.

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Four-week hotel strike in Norway ends with important gains for workers 22-05-2016

NorwayhotelstrikesmallThe IUF-affiliated Fellesforbundet in Norway reached an agreement with employers on May 21 which brings important gains and ends the national strike which began on April 24 and had been steadily escalating. The union has won the right to negotiate locally, a right that other sectors within Fellesforbundet have had since 1907. The settlement also brings a wage increase for the lowest paid as well as an increase in the hourly wage.

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Norway: national strike in hotels, restaurant and catering 26-04-2016

NorwayHRCTstrikesmallNorwegian hotel, catering and restaurant workers, members of the IUF-affiliated Fellesforbundet, have been on indefinite strike since April 24 at 356 establishments across the country in response to the employers' refusal to meet the union's longstanding demand for local wage negotiations. The hotel and restaurant workers are among the lowest paid of all workers and Fellesforbundet is fighting for an increase above the minimum wage level.
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Accor: union wins in Indonesia and Canada 22-04-2016

After several years of fighting for workers' rights, IUF-affiliated unions in Accor hotels in Indonesia and Canada have achieved important gains for their members.
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HNA takeover of Gate Group increases market domination 21-04-2016

The aviation food services business is now heavily dominated by HNA group and its rival LSG Sky Chefs. Workers in both companies will need to organize, build international alliances and intensify the fight for secure employment, social protections and living wages.
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The third IUF International Fast Food Workers' Day 19-04-2016

FastFoodDayOfAction2016-smallOn April 14, thousands of fast food workers in 40 countries joined the third International Fast Food Workers' Day to highlight the poor working conditions within the sector and to highlight wage theft, zero-hour contracts, low wages, precarious employment and to demand the right to join or form a union.
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