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IUF Document on "extraordinary events" 20-03-2020

Recently the IUF has been involved in different meetings with the ILO, WHO and UNTWO about the Covid-19 outbreak.

We have been critical of the WHO and UNWTO for only referring in their communications and newsletters to the protection of the sector and tourists, without any mention or special measures for the many workers in the sector.

Please click here to see our draft demands on governments and employers for the HRCT sector

Guinea: Workers organize and win union recognition at the Sheraton Grand Conakry 13-02-2020

With 96% of votes in favour, workers at the Marriott Sheraton Grand Conakry, Guinea, have voted to form a union and elected their leaders at the country's largest hotel.

France: Workers at Intercontinental Marseille hotel face management backlash for challenging abusive working conditions 11-02-2020

Workers at the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu in Marseille, supported by the FDS-CGT, face a management backlash after organizing to demand an end to poverty wages, unpaid overtime and under-staffing.

Hong Kong hotel workers denounce plans to quarantine mainland visitors and tourists at hotels 09-02-2020
On February 9, 2020, the Hong Kong Hotel Employees' Union (HKHEU) held a press conference to denounce the government's new policy on quarantine for visitors from mainland China and demand greater protection for hotel workers' health and safety.

Spanish affiliates and Government launch Fair Hotels initiative 28-01-2020

On January 23, the IUF Spanish affiliates in the tourism sector, CC.OO Servicios and FeSMC-UGT, signed an agreement with the government of Spain and the University of Malaga officially launching the Hoteles Justos (Fair Hotels) initiative developed by the Spanish unions.

Indefinite strike for direct employment at Ibis Batignolles Hotel in Paris 15-01-2020

Hotel housekeepers at the Ibis Batignolles Hotel, one of the rare hotels directly owned by the Accor group, have been on indefinite strike demanding direct employment and improved conditions since July 17, 2019.

Cambodia: Strike wins reinstatement for suspended union leader at Naga World Hotel Casino 10-01-2020

Suspended union president Sithar Chhim has been reinstated at her job following a strike by union members at the Naga World Hotel Casino in Phnom Penh launched on January 9.

McDonald's Peru: 12-hour shifts and death by electrocution 23-12-2019

Following the death by electrocution of two young workers at a McDonald's outlet in Lima, Peru on December 15, the general manager of the company's franchises in the country has acknowledged that the beverage machine which killed the two was known to be faulty.

Reinstate Husni! IUF affiliates in solidarity with dismissed union leader at Accor's Pullman Jakarta 18-12-2019

IUF affiliates are taking action in solidarity with our affiliate in Indonesia, the independent hotel and restaurant workers' federation FSPM, to demand the reinstatement of victimized union leader Husni Mubarok.

Marriott workers across Africa demand action to combat sexual harassment through negotiations with IUF 11-12-2019

Marriott workers across Africa have called on the CEO of the world's largest hotel company to engage directly with the IUF to agree on global measures to combat the sexual harassment which plagues the hospitality industry.

Boston (USA): Battery Wharf Hotel workers end 79-day strike with significant gains 05-12-2019

After more than eleven weeks on strike, members of the IUF affiliated UNITE HERE Local 26 in Boston have unanimously voted in favor of a new agreement with the Battery Wharf Hotel.

Marriott's "sustainability" program hurts housekeepers 03-12-2019

In recent years, hotel companies have launched programs that encourage guests to decline housekeeping services in exchange for a voucher or extra points on the loyalty program. Marriott, the world's largest hotelier, aggressively promotes its "Make a Green Choice" program, which has a huge impact on housekeepers' working conditions.

Mass action by airline catering workers at U.S. airports 28-11-2019

Thousands of airline catering workers demonstrated at 17 major airports across the United States on November 26 to demand a living wage and affordable health care; hundreds were arrested in the mass protests.

Strikes, protests and solidarity mark fast food workers' global action week 26-11-2019

November 11-17 was a week of global action for fast food workers fighting for union rights and recognition, better pay and a safe workplace. In cities around the world unions and fast food workers held strikes, public protests and rallies and took action on the job to highlight their demands.


Union tools to combat violence and harassment in the world of work 21-11-2019

The adoption of an International Convention (C190) and its Recommendation (R206) on the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work represents a victory for workers worldwide, regardless of their sector of employment or status. The IUF has created a logo as well as a leaflet explaining C190 and R206 in layman's terms.

Hotel Housekeepers around the world rising up for their rights 18-11-2019

Hotel housekeepers around the world showed their determination to claim their rights in the course of the IUF 6th Global Week of Action held from October 21 to 27.

Naga World Hotel Casino workers demand measures to protect them from violence and abuse 07-11-2019

For years, the union has called for action by management to curb violence and sexual harassment. Management has responded that customers may respond aggressively when they lose at gambling and nothing can be done; workers must apologize to guests who assault and abuse them, and get on with the job.

Reinstate Husni! Mobilization continues for union rights at Accor's Pullman Jakarta 11-10-2019

Mass union protests continue outside Accor's 'chic, stylish and modern' 5-star Pullman Jakarta in Indonesia's capital city, where members of the IUF-affiliated independent national hotel and restaurant workers' federation FSPM rallied on October 9 to demand the reinstatement of their federation president, Husni Mubarok.


Cambodia: Hotel Casino Union President suspended in attack on collective bargaining rights 23-09-2019

Management of the 5-star Naga World Hotel Casino in Pnom Penh has suspended the union president as it escalates its attack on the union and its right to bargain wages.

Marriott housekeepers in Zürich strike for direct permanent employment 23-09-2019

Hotel housekeepers at Marriott's Sheraton Zurich Hotel went on strike on August 30 to highlight their intolerable working conditions and to demand direct permanent employment. When workers learned that the hotel had terminated their contract with the cleaning contractor and it would expire in two months' time, they decided on strike action.

UN Human Rights Council names AccorHotels Myanmar business partner in report on military business interests and crimes against humanity 22-09-2019

A new report to the current session of the UN Human Rights Council identifies dozens of companies with direct and indirect ties to the military (Tatmadaw) that enable this powerful institution to operate with impunity while committing crimes against humanity. Among the companies listed is the conglomerate Max Myanmar Group, a business partner of AccorHotels.

IUF and AccorInvest agreement on fighting sexual harassment 16-09-2019

The IUF and the French-based transnational hotel chain AccorInvest have signed an agreement on measures to fight sexual harassment at work. It covers all persons employed by the Group or operating on behalf of AccorInvest.

SkyCity Casino workers strike for weekend pay rates 04-09-2019

SkyCity Casino workers in New Zealand went on strike on Saturday August 31. The workers' claim is for penalty rates for working nights and weekends when SkyCity makes most of its profits.

UNITE HERE sends a message to American Airlines: One Job Should be Enough 23-08-2019

Airline catering workers in the US took their campaign for a living wage and affordable healthcare to Dallas-Ft Worth on August 13 when more than 600 UNITE HERE members protested outside the headquarters of American Airlines.


Finland: PAM and Sodexo agreement on implementing global commitment to prevent sexual harassment 29-07-2019

The IUF's Finnish affiliate PAM has signed an agreement with Sodexo OY on implementing the global agreement on preventing sexual harassment signed by the IUF with Sodexo in 2017.

Denmark: Burger King workers win their first collective agreement 26-07-2019

The IUF-affiliated 3F has won a first collective agreement covering 33 Burger King restaurants owned by four different operators.

Italy: Combatting sexual harassment - trade unions keep pressure on Marriott 15-07-2019

IUF affiliates Filcams-Cgil, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil met with Marriott Italy on June 28 to discuss policies to fight sexual harassment at Marriott's nine luxury Italian hotels. The unions' demands included proposals for swift action on reported incidents, appropriate sanctions of harassers including guests, and appropriate support to victims.

Germany: NGG mobilizing against employer push for longer, 'flexible' hours in the hospitality sector 08-07-2019

The German Food and Allied Workers Union NGG is mobilizing to defeat employer efforts to extend working time in the hospitality sector. The employer association is pushing for changes to the law which would extend the legal working day to up to 13 hours in hotels and restaurants and allow for employees to be sent home on short notice during slack times.

Switzerland: UNIA urges Marriott to negotiate measures against sexual harassment 05-07-2019

Activists from IUF affiliated UNIA demonstrated in Bern on June 24 and distributed the Zurich report and leaflets calling on Marriott to negotiate with the IUF measures to stop sexual harassment in its hotels.

US airline catering workers prepare for mass strike action 11-06-2019

IUF affiliates organizing thousands of airline catering workers in over 20 cities are balloting for strike action over the next two weeks in support of their demands for a living wage and affordable health insurance.

Spain: Unions fight to reinstate hotel housekeepers dismissed for demanding rights and recognition 06-06-2019

Nine housekeepers at the Hotel Condestable Iranzo in Jaén (Andalusia) were dismissed in May while organizing a union and demanding the application of the collective agreement for the hospitality sector in the province. The CC.OO Services Federation is fighting for their reinstatement as unions challenge the massive growth of outsourcing which is impoverishing hotel staff.

Kenya: New CBA brings gains for hotel, restaurant, catering and tourism workers 06-05-2019

A new two-year collective agreement between the IUF-affiliated KUDHEIHA and the
Kenya Hotelkeepers and Caterers Association (KHCA) brings important gains for workers in some 180 catering, hotel and restaurant establishments and safari clubs, lodges and camps.


Hong Kong, Indonesia: global support for Myanmar hotel workers fighting for rights 03-05-2019

In March, IUF members around the world showed support for 6 imprisoned leaders and members of our affiliate HLOB in Myanmar. The 6 are now free after serving their sentences, but IUF affiliates worldwide are taking action in support of HLOB's fight for the reinstatement of 12 union members and officers terminated last August and 23 members who were terminated in December for refusing to cross the union picket in solidarity with the 12.


IUF Accor unions reaffirm commitment to organizing and fighting for rights 17-04-2019

Representatives of unions organizing Accor workers came together in Morocco and formally resolved to intensify efforts to have Accor commit to a signed agreement on working jointly with the IUF to eliminate sexual harassment in Accor-branded hotels.

JustTourism: a union web portal in the global hospitality sector promoting fair hotels 09-04-2019

JustTourism is a new web portal maintained by IUF members in the global hospitality sector providing updated information on hotels which respect trade union rights.

Sentences served, Myanmar hotel workers leave prison - struggle continues for rights and reinstatement 02-04-2019

Six leaders and members of the HLOB union at Hotel Tharabar Gate in Bagan were released from prison on March 29 to an emotional welcome from family and union members after serving their full 30-day sentences. The six were tried, convicted and immediately taken to prison on March 1 after being arrested in December for attempting to lead a peaceful march to protest the brutal police destruction of their solidarity picket.  The struggle for reinstatement and trade union rights at Hotel Tharabar Gate continues - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE  to the government of Myanmar!

Maldives: Hotel resort workers highlight need for legal minimum wage in national elections 01-04-2019

In the lead-up to national parliamentary elections on April 6, the IUF-affiliated Tourism Employees Association of Maldives (TEAM) organized protest actions calling for a legal minimum wage to be established in the country. TEAM sent letters to all political parties participating in the elections, calling on them to recognize the need for a legal minimum wage for resort workers.

Global solidarity with jailed IUF hotel union members in Myanmar 15-03-2019

IUF members around the world have responded to the jailing of 6 hotel union leaders and members at the Hotel Tharabar Gate in Myanmar with demonstrations of support and union visits to the country's diplomatic representations abroad.


IUF members denounce ‘Miss Curvy’ Uganda beauty contest tourism promotion 07-03-2019

IUF members around the world are calling on the government of Uganda to cancel a plan to promote Uganda's tourist industry with a "Miss Curvy" beauty contest as well as add "sexy" women to official literature listing Uganda's "attractions".

Iceland: hotel housekeepers strike for a living wage on International Women's Day 07-03-2019

Hotel housekeepers in Iceland will be on strike on International Women's Day in support of their demand for a a living wage and better working conditions. Some one thousand housekeepers working in hotels and guesthouses in and around the capital Reykjavik, a majority of them immigrant women, will take part in the strike.


Myanmar hotel workers imprisoned for defending their union and their rights 04-03-2019

On March 1, the chairman and 5 other leaders and members of the union of workers at the Hotel Tharabar Gate in Myanmar's Bagan Archeological Zone were convicted of attempting to hold a peaceful protest march after police brutally destroyed the union's solidarity camp last December. The 6 trade unionists were each sentenced to one month's imprisonment and arrested immediately after the verdict was pronounced, an unmistakable announcement by the authorities that trade union activity in Myanmar is now criminalized. CLICK HERE  to demand the government unconditionally free the 6 unjustly convicted trade unionists.

Myanmar: Hotel Tharabar Gate workers continue fighting for their rights 11-02-2019

The targeted dismissal of union leaders and members, the brutal destruction of the workers' solidarity camp and arrests of protest marchers have not deterred workers at the Hotel Tharabar Gate from taking public action to demand their rights.


Netherlands court confirms food delivery couriers are workers with collective rights 26-01-2019

Two recent decisions by an Amsterdam court mark a victory in the ongoing fight for worker rights in the 'platform economy'. According to the court, Deliveroo's elimination of employment contracts and the legal transformation of couriers to self-employed status last year had not altered the fundamental relationship of authority and dependence: the couriers remained in an employment relationship as defined in Dutch law.


IUF and Meliá agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, a first in the global hospitality sector 24-01-2019

The IUF and Spanish-based Meliá Hotels International have signed an agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, the first such agreement between the IUF and an international hotel chain.


Union members among the victims of Nairobi terrorist attack 21-01-2019

Four members of the IUF-affiliated KUDHEIHA who worked at the DUSITD2 hotel complex in Kenya's capital Nairobi were among the victims of the January 15 terrorist attack which killed at least 21 people. Hospitality workers again find themselves in the front line of such attacks.


First collective agreement for the hotel/restaurant sectors in Guinea 09-01-2019

On July 25 last year, the national department of tourism hosted the ceremonial signing of the country's first national collective agreement for the hotel and restaurant sectors, with the participation of the Prime Minister.

Denmark: 3F organizes for a collective agreement for Tivoli Gardens fast food workers 03-01-2019

The IUF-affiliated 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) is organizing to bring under a collective agreement a group of fast food restaurants in Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens many of whose primarily young workers are employed under precarious conditions and denied basic benefits including pension contributions.

TGI Fridays workers claim compensation for working during holiday period 18-12-2018
Workers at TGI Fridays in the UK are still fighting for fair pay after their long mobilization won important initial gains.

Myanmar: Police arrest protest marchers after destroying Hotel Tharabar Gate workers’ solidarity camp 12-12-2018
TharabarCampDestroyed1smallPolice acting on the orders of local authorities have destroyed the solidarity camp continuously maintained on public space since October 12 by union members at the Hotel Tharabar Gate together with family members and supporters. A union march to the regional government authority protesting this attack was then dispersed and 13 trade union members were arrested.

San Francisco Marriott workers return to work with important gains, ending nationwide US hotel strikes 06-12-2018
MarriottSFsettlementStriking members of UNITE HERE at 7 Marriott San Francisco hotels voted overwhelmingly to approve a new agreement after two months on the picket line, closing 9 weeks of strikes at Marriott involving close to 8,000 workers across the country.