Published: 10/02/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape all IUF sectors including the food processing sector where changes in consumption patterns and consumer demand are transforming food production with important implications for workers and unions.

Food processing trends during COVID-19 (available in English, French and Spanish), a paper developed by the IUF Food Processing Division, explores these changing dynamics including:

  • Shifts in consumer consumption patterns due to lockdowns and the increase in home dining. These include consumers in developed markets returning to ‘comfort foods,’ convenience products, frozen meals and are snacking more
  • Shutdowns and labour shortages linked to worker sickness
  • Food security concerns connected to the pandemic’s economic devastation including job losses
  • Negotiating essential/recognition pay

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted dynamics in the food processing sector and the situation remains unstable. Lockdown and other restrictions mean people are increasingly cooking their own meals and eating at home. This has generated a rapid shift in consumer demand for certain types of products purchased at grocery stores.
IUF Food processing trends during COVID-19