International IUF delegation in Brussels calls for EU action on rights violations by Citra Mina in the Philippines

26 April 2017 News

Members of the SENTRO Citra Mina Workers Union in the Philippines joined an international trade union delegation for talks with the European Union's Directorate General for Trade in Brussels on April 24 on systematic abuses by Citra Mina and the need for firm EU action to ensure respect for international human rights standards throughout the Philippines' massive tuna industry.

Cambodia: Brewery giant Carlsberg seeks to punish union for defending workers' rights

24 April 2017 Urgent Action

1070Global brewery giant Carlsberg is using the courts to bully and intimidate the IUF-affiliated Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation (CFSWF), the union representing workers at its Cambodian joint venture Cambrew. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CARLSBERG!

Fast food workers on strike for a living wage in New Zealand

24 April 2017 News

UniteNZKFCStrikeUnite Union members at KFC, Starbucks, Carls Jr and Pizza Hut went on nationwide strike on April 22 to launch their campaign for a living wage. Workers voted overwhelmingly to take strike action against Restaurant Brands, the company which manages the four brands' New Zealand operations, after negotiations for a new contract broke down over the company's refusal to raise wages.

Spain: strike by poultry and rabbit processing workers brings employers back to the bargaining table

19 April 2017 News

National strike action on April 11-12 by poultry and rabbit slaughtering and process workers in Spain has brought the employers back to the bargaining table.

Strike averted as Swedish hotels return to the bargaining table for new national agreement

19 April 2017 News

The Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Workers' Union HRF signed a new 3-year national agreement for the sector on April 18 which meets their key bargaining demands less than 12 hours before a national strike was scheduled to begin.

Spanish workers strike against employer push to expand precarious work

12 April 2017 News

Spanish poultry and rabbit slaughtering and process workers have responded to an employer attack on their employment security with a two day national strike on April 11 and 12.
Striking workers are demanding that employers return to the negotiating table to strengthen stable employment, end subcontracting and improve wages.

Myanmar bakery workers end one-month strike

12 April 2017 News

MyanmarMaysonstrikedetailThe IUF-affiliated Mayson Workers' Union has ended the strike
launched on March 9 with a return to work beginning April 10 under the
terms of an agreement brokered by the chairperson of the Parliamentary
Committee on Local and Overseas Employment.

Swedish hotel workers prepare for national strike

10 April 2017 News

HRFlogoThe IUF-affiliated hotel and restaurant workers' union Hotell- och Restaurangfacket (HRF) has given notice for a national strike targeting 19 hotels in 6 cities across the country beginning April 19, 2017. The strikes involve all hotel staff and a ban on new hiring and the use of temporary workers.

International union action to defend quality employment at Mondelez

4 April 2017 News

MondelezstickerIUF affiliates around the world showed their determination to defend
quality permanent employment at job-slashing Mondelez in a week of trade
union action from March 27-31, 2017.

Italy: tourism workers strike in defense of social benefits and job security

3 April 2017 News

StrikeItalyTourism120Italian tourism workers, including workers in the catering, fast food and restaurant sectors held a one-day national strike on March 31 to highlight their demand for a renewal of the sectoral collective agreement and their rejection of employer demands for reduced social benefits and employment protection.

Indonesia: Coca-Cola's bottler determined to stifle independent unions

27 March 2017 Urgent Action

1060Coca-Cola's Australian-based bottler Coca-Cola Amatil is systematically violating basic rights in an effort to stamp out independent and democratic trade unions at its Indonesian operations. And Coca-Cola corporate management in the US knows the full history but has failed to remedy the abuses. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO COCA-COLA!

Tea plantation workers highlight human right to water & sanitation on World Water Day

22 March 2017 News


On March 22, World Water Day, tea plantation workers in the Indian states of Assam and West Bengal assembled to demand the right to water and sanitation. In tea plantations supplying the world's biggest tea brands, workers and their families have limited access to safe drinking water and the latrines in the housing provided by companies are outside their homes, with no running water, no lights and often no doors.

Lactalis/Parmalat lift lockout as Australian workers win an important victory

21 March 2017 News

Parmalat%20Summary%203Lactalis/Parmalat have lifted their 61-day lockout and withdrawn proceedings to terminate the existing enterprise bargaining agreement after the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Electrical Trades Union struck a new agreement with the company which strengthens protection against precarious work.

European Chemicals Agency capitulates to agrochemical lobby on glyphosate

21 March 2017 Urgent Action

StopglyphosateIn a March 15 decision that violates the precautionary principle, scientific evidence and the European Union's presumed commitment to public health, worker protection and the defense of the environment, the Risk Assessment Committee of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) ruled that the toxic herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, is not carcinogenic. CLICK HERE to sign the European Citizens' Initiative petition.

Leading rights defender confined to 'psychiatric treatment' for seeking to expose forced labour in Uzbekistan's cotton fields

21 March 2017 Urgent Action

ElenaUrlaevaUPDATE: Elena Urlaeva was released on March 24 after 23 days of forced psychiatric 'treatment', a victory for the international campaign.
Elena Urlaeva, a leading human rights activist who has dedicated years to combating child labour and forced labour in Uzbekistan's cotton production, was detained by police on March 1 to prevent her attending a meeting with the International Trade Union Confederation and the World Bank. She was then forcibly committed to a psychiatric hospital, where she remains today. CLICK HERE to send a message to the government of Uzbekistan!


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