Workers strike at Spanish luxury hotel over outsourcing and precarious jobs

17.08.18 News

HotelBeLiveThe housekeepers and valets of the upscale Hotel Be Live Experience in Lanzarote, in Spain's Canary Islands, are on strike against outsourcing and precarious jobs. Workers are required to clean up to 26 rooms per shift in addition to cleaning other areas, compelling them to work up to 10 hours a day without stopping to eat to complete their assignments.

IUF members spotlight company's serial human rights offenses at Coca-Cola flagship store in Las Vegas

17.08.18 News

1734On August 13 members from IUF affiliates, including supporters from the IUF's affiliate BCTGM from across the USA and Unite Here's Las Vegas Local 226, put the spotlight on The Coca-Cola Company's multiple human rights abuses in an action outside the flagship Coca-Cola store on the Las Vegas strip.

New law brings paid leave for victims of domestic violence in New Zealand

15.08.18 News

New legislation adopted by New Zealand's Parliament provides victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave to allow them to ensure their personal safety. Under the law, which comes into effect in April 2019, victims will not be required to provide proof of violence and will have access to flexible work arrangements to facilitate their safety.

Jury finds Monsanto guilty of concealing glyphosate risks in landmark California trial

14.08.18 News

The jury in the Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto Co. court trial has found the company guilty of concealing the dangers of glyphosate, the world's most widely-applied herbicide, and awarded the terminally ill groundskeeper total damages of USD 289 million.

IUF Young Workers celebrate International Youth Day 2018

13.08.18 News

IUF%20young%20workers%20banner%20EN%20-%20CopyIUF Young Workers are organizing and taking back power: actions took place across the IUF regions on August 12, International Youth Day 2018.



No rights for workers at Marriott's Bali paradise

13.08.18 Urgent Action

1124Global hotel giant Marriott's 5-star W hotel in Bali-Seminyak, Indonesia promises guests a "stay in paradise". But there's trouble in paradise for workers at the hotel who attempt to exercise their basic rights. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO MARRIOTT


Zimbabwe: the crocodile bites

10.08.18 Editorial

ZCTUGovernment repression in the wake of disputed election results has intensified following the army's indiscriminate use of live ammunition which killed at least 6 protestors in the capital Harare on August 1. Amnesty International has denounced "a vicious campaign of torture, intimidation and suppression of dissenting voices."

Tea workers strike for living wage in West Bengal

08.08.18 News


Tea workers in West Bengal held a three-day strike on the tea plantations August 7-9 in response to a deadlock in wage negotiations and the government's refusal to apply the Minimum Wage Act to workers on the tea estates. Tea workers are excluded from the Minimum Wage Act and instead subjected to tripartite agreement at the state level that perpetuates starvation wages.

Rise in deadly violence against land and environment rights defenders

27.07.18 News

2017 was a year of record violence against environmental and land rights defenders, according to a recent Global Witness report, and agribusiness has surpassed mining as the most dangerous sector.

AMR, Superbugs and the workplace

26.07.18 News

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) - the development of 'superbugs' resistant to antibiotic treatment - has emerged as a major global threat to public health. Yet worker health and safety has been almost completely ignored in the global fight against AMR.

Monsanto on trial

23.07.18 Editorial

StopglyphosateThe case of Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto Co. is now underway in a San Francisco, California federal court, two-and-a-half years after the lawsuit was filed. The presiding judge has ruled that jurors may consider evidence concerning Monsanto's efforts to conceal the potential toxicity of the product in reaching a verdict. The scope of potential liability for glyphosate makers is therefore enormous.

Swiss union investigation into housekeeping in Marriott Zürich hotels reveals exploitative, dangerous and unsanitary conditions

19.07.18 News

An investigation by IUF affiliate Unia into housekeeping in Marriott-branded hotels in Zürich - one of the world's most expensive cities - shows the brutal consequences of cut-throat outsourcing: extreme speed-up and exploitation of a vulnerable workforce resulting in dangerously unsanitary conditions for workers and guests and multiple violations of the regional collective agreement for the cleaning sector which sets minimum legal working conditions.

Nicaragua's stolen revolution

19.07.18 Editorial

Nicaragua2July 19 marks the anniversary of the 1979 overthrow of the US-backed Somoza dictatorship. The democratic promise of the Sandinista revolution, which resonated throughout the region and the world, has been progressively confiscated by the autocratic rule of President Daniel Ortega, whose government has been brutally repressing popular demonstrations as it indulges in ritual celebration.

Stop the attack on rights at Cargill Turkey - Reinstate #TheCargill14 now!

16.07.18 Urgent Action

CargillFourteen union activists have been continually protesting after being unfairly dismissed from their jobs on April 17, 2018 while organizing a union at Cargill-Turkey's corn-milling facility in Bursa-Orhangazi. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CARGILL!


Who picked my tea?

13.07.18 Urgent Action

whopickedmyteaThe UK trade justice organization Traidcraft Exchange has launched a public campaign calling on the 6 tea companies which together account for over two-thirds of UK tea sales to disclose the plantations they source from in Assam, India. We support the call for transparency.


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