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04.05.20 News
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PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Agriculture.pdf2.61 MB
PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Food and beverage.pdf2.03 MB
PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Meat and poultry processing.pdf2.02 MB
PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Hotels.pdf754.15 KB
PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Fast Food.pdf1.9 MB
PDF icon 2020 IUF COVID-19 Demands - Equality.pdf1.87 MB
PDF icon 2020 Financial short-termism.pdf241.94 KB
PDF icon 2019 Bargaining demands for LGBTI workers rights.pdf1.55 MB
PDF icon 2019 Behaviour-based safety programs.pdf692.2 KB
PDF icon 2019 IUF young worker engagement.pdf4.69 MB
PDF icon 2019 Lab-grown meat and other Petri-protein industries.pdf96.04 KB
PDF icon 2019 Occupational health and safety for young workers.pdf3.89 MB
PDF icon 2018 Antimicrobial resistance - A workplace hazard.pdf2.58 MB
PDF icon 2018 Key drivers in the food processing industry in the next five years.pdf1.5 MB
PDF icon 2017 No place for sexual harassement at Unilever.pdf959.23 KB
PDF icon 2017 Our common struggle for rights and equality.pdf1.35 MB
PDF icon 2015 Safe Farms, Safe Workers.pdf2.02 MB
PDF icon 2014 Harvesting Hunger.pdf1.15 MB
PDF icon 2014 The TISA threat to food and agriculture.pdf93.51 KB
PDF icon 2014 Trade Deals That Threaten Democracy.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon 2013 Establishing rights in the disposable jobs regime.pdf490.6 KB
PDF icon 2013 The food system and climate change.pdf43.7 KB
PDF icon 2012 From Lusaka to Accra - More Women, doing more, building our unions.pdf1.45 MB
PDF icon 2010 Guide for the Programme on OSH for working women in French speaking West Africa.pdf1.39 MB
PDF icon 2008 Organising and defending migrant workers in agriculture and allied sectors.pdf2.52 MB
PDF icon 2008 RSR Education Manual.pdf6.08 MB
PDF icon 2007 A Workers' Guide to Private Equity Buyouts.pdf449.33 KB
PDF icon 2006 Outsourcing and Casualization in the Food and Beverage Industry.pdf3.48 MB
PDF icon 2005 Agricultural Workers and their Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.pdf5.73 MB
PDF icon 2004 Health, Safety and Environment - Manuals for Agricultural Workers.pdf1.57 MB
PDF icon 2004 Towards a Rights Based Multilateralism for the World Food System.pdf179.88 KB
PDF icon 2002 The WTO and the World Food System - a trade union approach.pdf123.44 KB
PDF icon 2001 Improving working conditions in the cutflower industry.pdf2.18 MB
PDF icon 1989 Trade Union Handbook 4th edition.pdf944.31 KB