Independent trade unions of Kazakhstan chosen for International Prize for Trade Union Rights

13.06.18 News

The award of this year's Arthur Svensson International Prize for Trade Union Rights to the independent trade unions of Kazakhstan is a powerful message of international solidarity and support. The Kazakh authorities' refusal to allow a representative of the country's independent union confederation KNPRK to take part in the June 13 award ceremony should serve to encourage additional international pressure on the government to stop the systematic repression of independent unions and respect human rights.

ILO calls for an international Convention on violence and harassment in the world of work

11.06.18 News

indexWorkers worldwide can welcome the results of the first discussion on violence and harassment in the world of work at this year's International Labour Conference. Against the strong opposition of the Employers Group, which was only prepared to support at most a Recommendation, the Standards Setting Committee decided that the fight against harassment and violence require a Convention, supplemented by a Recommendation.



Workers affirm their confidence in dismissed independent union leader at Coca-Cola Indonesia and re-elect Atra Narwanto as Chairman

11.06.18 News

atraelection2Atra Narwanto, chairman of the independent union SBCCD at the company's Cibitung distribution center, has been unanimously re-elected to serve again as chairman. By confirming their confidence in Atra's leadership, union members have signaled their determination to continue struggling for the collective rights which were violated by his dismissal.

Coca-Cola’s bottler in Haiti systematically denies workers’ rights

11.06.18 News

Workers established their workplace union SYTBRACOUR in March 2017 at the Coca-Cola bottler owned by Couronne Brewery in Haiti. Since then they have been struggling to exercise trade union rights that are guaranteed by international standards and are included in the Coca-Cola Workplace Rights policy. The Coca-Cola bottler has consistently sought to deny its workers’ access to those rights. Four of the union’s leadership has been dismissed and the company has responded by telling the union they should simply elect new leaders.

Coca-Cola is becoming a serial human rights offender – in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines and the United States

10.06.18 Urgent Action

1112-1Human rights abuses are accumulating at The Coca-Cola Company, within its international bottling system and in the company’s own operations. That makes Coke a serial offender when it comes to failing to respect the human rights of workers and acting to remedy abuses. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola bottler FEMSA's business model for the Philippines - job destruction, labour law violations and systematic rights abuses

09.06.18 News

CCFEMSAPH267sCoca-Cola FEMSA, which manufactures Coca-Cola branded products in the Philippines, had planned massive forced redundancies in sales and manufacturing even prior to the planned introduction of a sugar tax. When the tax was introduced in December 2017, the company  presented a package of job destruction, labour law violations and systematic rights abuses as its new "business model".

Anti-union harassment and victimization escalate at AB InBev Sonepat India

05.06.18 Urgent Action

Sonepat3Management at global brewer AB InBev's plant in Sonepat, India is escalating its attacks on trade union rights. Since February, the union has been defending its rights with an ongoing non-stop protest at the factory gate and needs your support. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO AB InBev!



Spanish hospitality workers on 3-day march to Malaga to demand a collective agreement

04.06.18 News

Malaga2Over one thousand tourism workers, led by the IUF's Spanish affiliates CC.OO Servicios and FeSMC-UGT, marched the more than 60 kilometers from Marbella to Malaga May 22-25 in support of their demand for a new collective agreement.



Pay revolt continues with third round of strikes at UK TGI Friday's

01.06.18 News

Workers at private equity owned 'casual dining' chain TGI Friday's in the UK launched a third round of 24-hour strikes on June 1 backed by the IUF affiliate Unite, following their strikes on May 18 and May 25.

Marriott workers from around the world demand action to combat sexual harassment

30.05.18 News members from Marriott hotels in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas came together in Geneva on May 29 to voice their demand for global action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which plagues the industry.







UK TGI Friday's workers strike for fair pay

23.05.18 Urgent Action

TGIFweb%20logoWorkers at two UK restaurants of the US franchise chain TGI Friday's struck for 24 hours on May 18 after being given two days' notice that they would be stripped of 40% of their income from tips - a loss of up to GBP 250 per month. Workers at two other TGI Friday's locations have voted 100% in favor of possible strike action on June 25, with other locations set to follow. CLICK HERE to send a message to CEO Karen Forrester, telling the company you support the workers' demands and urging talks with Unite.

Germany: Standing ovation for dismissed Deliveroo shop stewards as DGB Congress pledges solidarity and support for rights in the platform economy

18.05.18 News

deliveroodgb2Two young workers dismissed from their jobs after fighting to form a works council at the food delivery platform Deliveroo received standing ovations on May 16 at the 2018 Congress of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) in Berlin.


Council of independent unions at Coca-Cola Indonesia rejects the national collective agreement, demands reinstatement of dismissed union leaders

15.05.18 News


The fight for freedom of association at Coca-Cola Amatil's operations in Indonesia has escalated with the formation of the Coca-Cola Indonesia Workers Council, bringing together four independent unions and challenging the company's collusion with SPSI, the national union structure originating in the New Order military dictatorship (1967 -1998).

Georgia: sustained union protest wins government action to secure sugar workers' jobs

01.05.18 News

AgaramarchIUF members at the Agara Sugar Company in Georgia have won an agreement to end the threatened closure of the Agara Sugar Company and revive production following 50 days of protest action at the gates of the plant and government offices in the capital Tbilisi, including a 3-day, 120-kilometer worker march from Agara to Tbilisi.

The Coca-Cola Company's 'milestone' human rights report is a study in evasion

25.04.18 News

The Coca-Cola Company's recently published human rights report comes at a time of substantial slippage by TCCC in addressing human rights at the workplace, and specifically the right of all workers within the Coca-Cola system to freely form and join trade unions of their own choice and engage in collective bargaining with their employers.


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