New appointment on extreme poverty and human rights for former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food Olivier De Schutter

24.03.20 News

Former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food Olivier De Schutter, has been appointed the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, effective May 1. De Schutter worked collaboratively with the IUF and spoke at meetings of our governing bodies. We congratulate him on this new appointment.

Brazil: Meat giant JBS prioritizes profits over health in brutal attack on its workforce

24.03.20 News

JBS, the world's largest meat company, has presented workers in Brazil with a stark choice: risk potentially fatal illness, or risk losing your job. On March 23, workers from the JBS units in Forquilhinha and Nova Veneza in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina were brutally repressed for protesting the company's decision to keep the production lines running without adequate protection against the spread of the coronavirus.




Italy: Union push wins national tripartite agreement on employment, health and safety

22.03.20 News

Unions in Italy, the European country hardest hit to date by the COVID-19 pandemic, have mobilized for strong measures to strengthen public health services and protect worker health and safety, employment and incomes since the onset of the crisis. On March 14, the three national union confederations, leading employer organizations and the government signed a protocol on measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus in workplaces.

Coronavirus: lessons from a pandemic

12.03.20 Editorial

When containing the spread of the virus is paramount, no worker should be forced to choose between forgoing a wage or carrying on with the job at the risk of personal exposure and spreading the risk to others. Yet workers, as potential victims and as vectors for spreading contagion, remain outside the scope of planning for the virus emergency.


Bangladesh: Perfetti van Melle workers fighting for their rights keep up the protests

11.03.20 News

Workers at the Perfetti van Melle (PvM) factory in Gazipur are keeping up their fight for collective bargaining rights with continuous daily protests at the factory. More than a year after their union was legally certified, local management of the Netherlands-based maker of Mentos and Chupa Chups insists on unilaterally setting basic terms and conditions like wages and leave.



UK: Coffee giant JDE threatens entire workforce with dismissal to ram through attack on conditions

09.03.20 News

With support from the IUF, Unite the Union, with 300 members at the Jacobs Douwe Egberts coffee plant in Banbury, Oxfordshire, is campaigning to challenge the company's plan to unilaterally dismiss the entire workforce and reemploy workers who submit to inferior pay and conditions.

Union organizing wins at Danone USA

05.03.20 News

On February 27 and 28, workers at the Danone yogurt and plant-based powder plant in Dubois, Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly to become members of the IUF-affiliated BCTGM Local 19. The representation win follows a massive vote for representation by the IUF-affiliated UFCW at the Danone plant in Dallas, Texas last June following a determined organizing campaign.



International unions call on government of Ukraine to scrap legislative assault on trade union rights

03.03.20 News

On February 25, international trade unions took coordinated action to defend trade union rights in Ukraine from a proposed draft labour law that would exclude unions from the workplace, eliminate collective bargaining and basic social protections and promote mass casualization.

United States: Farmworkers victimized for denouncing contract labour abuses and seeking union recognition

02.03.20 Urgent Action

Workers on North Carolina farms have been doubly victimized. Last year, members of the IUF-affiliated Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) working on tobacco, sweet potato and cucumber farms stood up to a labor contractor, denouncing abuses and seeking negotiations for a union agreement. As a consequence, the workers have not been paid and are now blacklisted.


Hong Kong union leader Lee Cheuk Yan charged in new crackdown

02.03.20 News

Lee Cheuk Yan, general secretary of the independent Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), was arrested on February 28 and charged with 'unlawful assembly' before being released on bail pending a May 5 court hearing. The IUF joins the HKCTU in calling for the charges to be immediately dropped.


Honduras: the living legacy of Berta Cáceres

27.02.20 News

Four years ago, on March 3, 2016, activist and rights defender Berta Cáceres was murdered for her role in mobilizing opposition to a proposed dam on the Gualcarque River which threatened the land and livelihoods of the indigenous Lenca people. In November 2018, 7 of the 8 accused hitmen were convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison. The corporate bosses who organized and financed the killing have yet to be prosecuted despite abundant evidence of their involvement.

Free trade food safety fantasies and the Tory agenda for the UK

15.02.20 News

UK food safety standards are at high risk as the Tory government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares for post-Brexit deregulation.

Guinea: Workers organize and win union recognition at the Sheraton Grand Conakry

13.02.20 News

With 96% of votes in favour, workers at the Marriott Sheraton Grand Conakry, Guinea, have voted to form a union and elected their leaders at the country's largest hotel.




Nestlé Switzerland: Unia mobilizes to end stress on the job at Nespresso

12.02.20 News

Nespresso has established a '4x8' production regime which has meant reduced staffing on extended clusters of long shifts. Once a month, workers are required to work up to 58 hours a week.

Democracy is at stake in India

12.02.20 Editorial

Citizenship, the gateway to all rights, is under attack by the government of India. Over recent months thousands of people have been detained and dozens killed as protests continue across the country in opposition to the government's assault on the foundations of Indian democracy.



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