Amnesty International, unions protest latest persecution of labour rights activists in Iran

11.02.19 News

UK and international trade unions joined Amnesty International UK for a demonstration at the Iranian embassy in London on January 29 to demand freedom for two imprisoned labour rights activists. Esmail Bakhshi, who works at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Shush, and Sepideh Gholian were arrested in November after having taken part in protests to demand payment of wage arrears owed the Haft Tapeh workers over many months.


Myanmar: Hotel Tharabar Gate workers continue fighting for their rights

11.02.19 News

The targeted dismissal of union leaders and members, the brutal destruction of the workers' solidarity camp and arrests of protest marchers have not deterred workers at the Hotel Tharabar Gate from taking public action to demand their rights.


Workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia again confirm their confidence in victimized union leaders

06.02.19 News

Workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia fighting for independent and democratic unions have again confirmed their confidence in union leaders victimized by management. At a general membership meeting on February 5, Lutfi Arifiyanto was re-elected chairman of the independent SBMCC, the union of workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia in Bawen, Java.

Ireland: Union campaign wins legislative restrictions on zero hour contracts

29.01.19 News

Thanks to a sustained mobilization by Irish unions including our affiliate SIPTU, new legislation restricts employers from offering contacts with no specified minimum hours and strengthens protection for workers on variable hours, bringing greater protection and regularity on working time and pay.


Netherlands court confirms food delivery couriers are workers with collective rights

26.01.19 News

Two recent decisions by an Amsterdam court mark a victory in the ongoing fight for worker rights in the 'platform economy'. According to the court, Deliveroo's elimination of employment contracts and the legal transformation of couriers to self-employed status last year had not altered the fundamental relationship of authority and dependence: the couriers remained in an employment relationship as defined in Dutch law.


IUF and Meliá agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, a first in the global hospitality sector

24.01.19 News

The IUF and Spanish-based Meliá Hotels International have signed an agreement on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, the first such agreement between the IUF and an international hotel chain.


General Mills USA: Iowa workers vote to join RWDSU

21.01.19 News

Over 500 production, maintenance and sanitation workers at the General Mills facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa will now be represented by the IUF-affiliated RWDSU/UFCW following elections on January 9 in which a majority voted for union representation.


Union members among the victims of Nairobi terrorist attack

21.01.19 News

Four members of the IUF-affiliated KUDHEIHA who worked at the DUSITD2 hotel complex in Kenya's capital Nairobi were among the victims of the January 15 terrorist attack which killed at least 21 people. Hospitality workers again find themselves in the front line of such attacks.


Unions, student groups in Ireland pledge support to the IUF's Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign

18.01.19 News

Following on the visit to the UK by an international IUF Coca-Cola 'Zero Rights' delegation, campaign meetings were held in Ireland with the IUF-affiliated SIPTU, with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and with organizations representing high school and older students.


'Behaviour-based safety' programs undermine safe workplaces and worker solidarity

16.01.19 News

A new paper from the IUF Food Processing Division explains how and why ‘Behaviour-based safety’ programs are designed to shift responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace from employers onto workers, how they undermine solidarity and organization based on collective bargaining and how unions can fight back against them.

International delegation to the UK builds broad support for Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign

15.01.19 News

An international IUF delegation highlighted the ongoing human rights attacks by Coca-Cola in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA with activities in the UK and in Ireland in December.


Building our unions: the power of young workers

08.01.19 News

Organizing and mobilizing young workers is a key task for all IUF affiliates.

Denmark: 3F organizes for a collective agreement for Tivoli Gardens fast food workers

03.01.19 News

The IUF-affiliated 3F (United Federation of Danish Workers) is organizing to bring under a collective agreement a group of fast food restaurants in Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens many of whose primarily young workers are employed under precarious conditions and denied basic benefits including pension contributions.

Fair trade certification for Fyffes' union-busting melons revoked under pressure

21.12.18 News

Suragroh4Fair Trade USA, in response to organized pressure, has revoked the fair trade certification for melons sold in the US produced by Irish fresh fruit giant Fyffes on their Suragroh plantations in Honduras. Suragroh-Fyffes workers have faced continuous retaliation for joining STAS, the Honduran union organizing workers on fruit, sugar cane and palm oil plantations.


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