Solidarity with Chinese labour rights activists!

4 May 2016 Urgent Action

solidarityGuangdongThe Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) is calling for international solidarity with labour activists in Guangdong Province still in detention following a repressive crackdown last December targeting at least 25 activists and their organizations. KEEP READING TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN

Support US farmworkers blacklisted for speaking out!

2 May 2016 Urgent Action

FLOC_0Seven tobacco farmworkers in the US state of North Carolina have been blacklisted for filing suit for wages owed in 2015. After refusing to withdraw their suit, they are now being denied employment for the 2016 season. SEND A MESSAGE TO THE FARM OWNER!

A Life without dignity - the price of your cup of tea

1 May 2016 News


A damning report on the working and living conditions of India's tea workers was launched on May 1, International Labour Day, by the IUF and the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition. The report documents how poverty wages and harsh working conditions lead to massive violations of the right to food and nutrition and other human rights of tea workers. The situation of women workers, who make up 70% of a workforce of 1.2 million, is examined in detail.

Uzbekistan - defend human rights defenders monitoring abuses in the cotton harvest

29 April 2016 Urgent Action


Uktam Pardaev was arrested on November 16, 2015 and held for eight weeks in pre-trial detention. His crime? Reporting on forced and child labour in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest. On January 11, 2016 he was given a three year conditional sentence under which he has to remain at home under constant surveillance by security services. Click here to support the campaign to end this harassment by the Uzbek government.

International union action grows at Seafood Expo Global

28 April 2016 News took action at the annual Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium from April 26-28 to highlight the brutal practices which are widespread within the industry and to defend the rights of seafood industry workers. Seafood Expo Global is the largest international trading platform for fish and sea food.

PepsiCo complicit in ongoing rights violations at Indian warehouse supplier

26 April 2016 Urgent Action

995Global drink and snacks giant PepsiCo is complicit in ongoing human rights violations by a warehouse provider in the Indian state of West Bengal. Since 2013, IUF members have been supporting a courageous group of warehouse workers who are unemployed as a consequence of insisting on their right to form a trade union. The company which dismissed them - Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd (RKFL) - operates a warehouse contracted exclusively to PepsiCo.


Norway: national strike in hotels, restaurant and catering

26 April 2016 News

NorwayHRCTstrikesmallNorwegian hotel, catering and restaurant workers, members of the IUF-affiliated Fellesforbundet, have been on indefinite strike since April 24 at 356 establishments across the country in response to the employers' refusal to meet the union's longstanding demand for local wage negotiations. The hotel and restaurant workers are among the lowest paid of all workers and Fellesforbundet is fighting for an increase above the minimum wage level.

Accor: union wins in Indonesia and Canada

22 April 2016 News

After several years of fighting for workers' rights, IUF-affiliated unions in Accor hotels in Indonesia and Canada have achieved important gains for their members.

The third IUF International Fast Food Workers' Day

19 April 2016 News

FastFoodDayOfAction2016-smallOn April 14, thousands of fast food workers in 40 countries joined the third International Fast Food Workers' Day to highlight the poor working conditions within the sector and to highlight wage theft, zero-hour contracts, low wages, precarious employment and to demand the right to join or form a union.

Death toll rises following fatal accident at Mondelez Egypt

18 April 2016 News

Three more workers have died as a result of injuries suffered following a boiler explosion and fire at the Mondelez Cadbury factory in Cairo on March 28, bringing the death toll to seven. Initially four workers were reported dead with some 60 injured, many with serious burns and in critical condition.

Victory in California for 'Fight for 15' union campaign to raise minimum wage

12 April 2016 News

In by far the biggest victory yet for the union-backed movement to boost pay for low-wage workers, California lawmakers have announced an agreement to raise the state's minimum wage to USD 15 an hour by 2022. More than 5.6 million Californians - over 32 percent of the state's workforce - are expected to benefit from the increase

International solidarity with embattled workers at New Zealand rights abuser Talleys/AFFCO

11 April 2016 News

StopbutcheringhumanrightsIUF affiliates in Asia/Pacific have been holding rolling actions to show solidarity and support for the New Zealand Meatworkers' Union fighting for union rights and safe working conditions at Talleys/AFFCO. Through the IUF, unions in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand have been demonstrating their support. The dozens of actions involve workers in dairy, fast food, fishing, sugar, food processing and agriculture and unions in transnational companies including Coca-Cola, Danone, Nestlé and Unilever.

Swedish foodworkers fighting Findus factory closure by asset strippers Nomad Foods

11 April 2016 Urgent Action

987The Swedish Food Workers Union (Livs) is fighting plans to shut down the Findus frozen food factory in Bjuv, which would throw 450 workers out of a job and devastate the many hundreds of farmers who supply the plant. On March 31, the CEO of Nomad Foods, an investment vehicle registered in the British Virgin Islands, came to the factory, called all staff to a meeting, announced that the factory would close at the end of the year and immediately left the country. The Swedish prime minister has called on the company to return to Sweden and meet with the government, and Livs is demanding that the factory continue in operation. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE in support of these demands.

UFCW members on strike for rights and recognition at Covered Bridge Potato Chips

6 April 2016 Urgent Action

CoveredBridgeWorkers at Covered Bridge Potato Chips in the Canadian city of Hartland, New Brunswick have been on strike since January 4 in response to the company's continued refusal to bargain for a fair first contract with a living wage and basic workplace rights including seniority. Workers at the plant voted to join the UFCW Canada in December 2013 - more than two years ago, but the company still refuses to negotiate.



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