Work at rights-buster Talleys/AFFCO more dangerous than ever

30 March 2016 News

Unions have obtained access to the full accident records of the New Zealand meat processor Talleys/AFFCO group of companies, and the records show a further increase over the previous year's horrific number of workers maimed and injured at the workplace.

Unfairly dismissed hotel union leaders win reinstatement in Myanmar

28 March 2016 News

Five union leaders unfairly terminated for union activities at the Bagan Hotel River View more than a year ago have been fully reinstated and management has entered into good faith negotiations with the union. The union is a member of the independent Hotel Chitthu Township Level Labour Organization Bagan-Nyaung Oo (HLOB) which is affiliated to the IUF. Last year the IUF launched a global campaign in support of the union and filed a complaint with the ILO concerning violations of the right to freedom of association. 

Forced labour and repression continue in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest

24 March 2016 News

Forced labour in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest remains widespread and human rights monitors face massive state repression, according to a new report from the Uzbek German Forum.
The cover-up - whitewashing Uzbekistan's white gold documents the Uzbek government's use of "arbitrary detention, threats, degrading ill-treatment… to silence monitors and undermine their ability to conduct research and provide information to the ILO and other international institutions".

The European Union must exit the pesticide treadmill: time to ban glyphosate

22 March 2016 Editorial

industrialsprayingResistance from member states and mobilized citizens has postponed renewed authorization in the European Union of the toxic herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup and the world's most widely-used herbicide. But a vote will take place in May, and additional pressure is needed to ensure that the European Commission does not cut a deal with the corporate agrochemical giants which would keep Europe locked into the deadly spiral of increasing pesticide applications for another fifteen years.

Informal sector workers in Gujarat win health care, social security with first identity cards

21 March 2016 News


After years of campaigning the IUF-affiliated Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) won a major victory for informal sector workers in the state of Gujarat in the form of government issued identity cards. The identity cards are the first held by informal sector workers, identifying them as workers and granting access to free health insurance, accident insurance for women and children, hospitalization coverage and free access to rural health services covering all medical benefits for workers and their families.

Colombia: national strike for alternatives to 'free trade' destruction

18 March 2016 News

Colombiastrike5Tens of thousands of Colombians responded to the call for a national strike on March 17 by the country's national trade union confederations, supported by a wide coalition of social movement and civil society organizations. Workers and citizens across the country stopped work and took to the streets to demand an end to neo-liberal government policies which have generated insecurity, unemployment and widespread hunger.

IUF and Danone agreement on limiting precarious employment

15 March 2016 News

The IUF and the French-based food products transnational Danone have signed a ground-breaking Agreement on Sustainable Employment and Access to Rights built around a joint commitment to promote "permanent, direct employment as an essential foundation for a sustainable business anchored in respect for human rights." With this Agreement, Danone and the IUF establish a framework to bring about continuous progress in limiting or reducing precarious forms of employment through a process of monitoring and negotiation.

Workers want a union but Trump refuses recognition at Las Vegas Hotel

14 March 2016 Urgent Action

TrumpIn December 2015 a majority of employees at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas voted for union representation. Since then, the Trump Hotel has refused to honor the results.

Tuna workers organize to restrain reckless tuna companies in the Asia-Pacific

14 March 2016 News

Presconf%20RecklessWorkers across the tuna industry are escalating the campaign to make sustainable jobs and respect for human rights an integral part of a sustainable fisheries industry. At the March 11 launch of Tuna Workers Solidarity in General Santos, the tuna capital of the Philippines, workers and their families condemned human rights violations, forced labour and trafficking, insecure employment in tuna factories and tuna companies' refusal to take responsibility for fishing vessel workers lost at sea or abandoned in other countries.

New Zealand union campaign wins ban on zero hours contracts

10 March 2016 News

NozerohourcontractsA long campaign by IUF affiliate Unite supported by all New Zealand unions has resulted in a unanimous vote in parliament to ban zero hours contracts. All employment agreements will now be required to stipulate agreed and guaranteed hours; these hours must be recorded with reference to days of work and start and finish times.

Save our jobs! Affiliates in Guyana fight closure of sugar estate

10 March 2016 News


Save our jobs - IUF affiliates in Guyana battle to save Wales estate where 1700 sugar workers' jobs are at stake while the IUF calls on the Minister of Agriculture to come to the negotiating table.

Honduras: human rights campaigner murdered and one woman killed every 16 hours

8 March 2016 Editorial

bertacacaresIn a grim prelude to International Women's Day on March 8, the celebrated Honduran indigenous and environmental rights campaigner Berta Cáceres (pictured left) was murdered in Honduras, barely a week after she was threatened for opposing a hydroelectric project.

International Women's Day 2016 - join us in the fight for women's right to food, water and social protection

7 March 2016 Editorial

childcarryingwater1smallWomen are disproportionally affected by malnutrition and food insecurity. Today, some 793 million people are chronically undernourished, of whom 70 percent are women. The causes of women's massive overrepresentation among those who are deprived of one of the most essential human rights - the right to food - are also well known. They include discrimination with regard to access to employment, pay equity and property rights, lack of maternity protection and access to child care facilities and an unequal burden of family responsibilities.

Talleys AFFCO, prosecuted for health and safety violations, lays off union members

7 March 2016 News

The District Court in New Zealand has ruled that serial rights abuser Talleys/AFFCO failed to meet its statutory obligations to provide a safe workplace after an experienced worker was impaled by a meat hook and dragged along the line at the company's Rangiuru plant.

Four workers killed in accident at Heineken Brazil

3 March 2016 News

Four contract workers at the Heineken plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil were killed and another injured when a boiler under repair exploded on January 28.


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