India: Collective union action wins jobs for agricultural workers in Bihar

18.12.19 News

Action by the IUF-affiliated Hind Khet Mazdoor Panchayat has secured jobs for 570 agricultural workers in 4 villages in the state of Bihar’s Arariya District under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA), boosting income and livelihoods for some 1,850 people including family members.




On International Human Rights Day, global solidarity with rights defenders in the Philippines

10.12.19 News

Trade union organizations around the world, national and international, are taking action on December 10, International Human Rights Day, to highlight organized violence against trade unionists and rights defenders in the Philippines. According to the Philippines' Center for Trade Union and Human Rights, at least 43 trade union leaders have been assassinated since Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016.

Iran: Unpaid wages, hungry workers, live bullets

04.12.19 Editorial

Mass protests in cities across Iran erupted on November 15 in response to a hike in the price of fuel. The government responded with lethal force and shut down the internet, and in some places even mobile phone service, cutting people off from one another and from the outside world.

Women's workplace health and safety must get more attention

04.12.19 News

Trade unions are key to making workplaces safer and healthier for all workers but often women's occupational health and safety (OHS) is not given enough attention.




Way clear (for now) for Austria's glyphosate ban to take effect on January 1

03.12.19 News

Neither the European Commission nor EU member states have formally challenged the ban on glyphosate adopted by Austria's parliament in July this year, paving the way for it to go into effect on January 1. Supported by a cross-party coalition in parliament, civil society, environmentalists, small farmer organizations and trade unions, including the IUF-affiliated PRO-GE, Austria becomes the first EU country to ban the world's most widely used herbicide, best known as Monsanto's 'Roundup'.

Australia: strike and solidarity win new agreement for women cheese workers

02.12.19 News

Workers at Jindi Cheese in Victoria, owned by French-based dairy transnational Lactalis, have ended their 15-day strike by unanimously voting to approve a new 4-year collective agreement which brings substantial pay increases.


Mass action by airline catering workers at U.S. airports

28.11.19 News

Thousands of airline catering workers demonstrated at 17 major airports across the United States on November 26 to demand a living wage and affordable health care; hundreds were arrested in the mass protests.


Strikes, protests and solidarity mark fast food workers' global action week

26.11.19 News

November 11-17 was a week of global action for fast food workers fighting for union rights and recognition, better pay and a safe workplace. In cities around the world unions and fast food workers held strikes, public protests and rallies and took action on the job to highlight their demands.



Lactalis women workers in Australia on strike for equality

25.11.19 News

Women cheese packers at Lactalis-owned Jindi Cheese in Victoria, Australia are on strike for pay equality with men at other Lactalis sites. The women are members of the IUF-affiliated United Workers Union, which is campaigning to end pay discrimination at Lactalis.


Union tools to combat violence and harassment in the world of work

21.11.19 News

The adoption of an International Convention (C190) and its Recommendation (R206) on the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work represents a victory for workers worldwide, regardless of their sector of employment or status. The IUF has created a logo as well as a leaflet explaining C190 and R206 in layman's terms.


Hotel Housekeepers around the world rising up for their rights

18.11.19 News

Hotel housekeepers around the world showed their determination to claim their rights in the course of the IUF 6th Global Week of Action held from October 21 to 27.





More women, more inclusion, more equality: historic agreement between Banacol, Sintrainagro, and IUF Latin America

15.11.19 News

On November 13 in Medellín, Banacol, Colombia's largest banana producer, the IUF-affiliated agricultural workers union SINTRAINAGRO and IUF Latin America signed a Letter of Commitment pledging to employ an additional 400 women workers on Banacol's plantations by 2020, boosting women's participation in the company's employment from the current 10.7 percent to 19.90 percent.

Unions in Haiti are fighting to save the country and need international support

11.11.19 Editorial

National uprisings against poverty, inequality and austerity have flared across Latin America and the world in recent months, taking by surprise governments insulated from the institutionalized misery they preside over. But in the impoverished nation of Haiti, a determined popular mobilization has continued for over a year, refusing to bow to violence and hunger even as the situation becomes increasingly desperate.


Naga World Hotel Casino workers demand measures to protect them from violence and abuse

07.11.19 News

For years, the union has called for action by management to curb violence and sexual harassment. Management has responded that customers may respond aggressively when they lose at gambling and nothing can be done; workers must apologize to guests who assault and abuse them, and get on with the job.




Coca-Cola workers fighting for their rights in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland, and the USA still need your support

05.11.19 Urgent Action

Coca-Cola continues to violate the fundamental rights of workers in Haiti, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA. CLICK HERE to learn more and to send a message to Coca-Cola's CEO and Chairman James Quincey.



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