Free Ivory Coast union leader Basile Mahan Gahé!

25.05.11 Urgent Action

On April 26, Basile Mahan Gahé, general secretary of the national trade union center Dignité (whose food and hotel section is affiliated to the IUF), was arrested at his Abidjan home and forcibly taken into detention. The union office was sacked, and many union officers have gone into hiding.

'Sustainability' at Kraft: recycling disposable jobs

23.05.11 News

Kraft unions around the world have condemned the brutal suppression of permanent employment for long-serving employees at the company's biscuit factory in Vantaa, Finland, where 24 permanent workers have been handed dismissal notices. Nineteen of the dismissed have been told they can return to employment… on a call-in basis with no guaranteed hours.

Turkey criminalizes union action with mass indictments of union leaders - Act Now! to defend trade union rights

19.05.11 Urgent Action

The Turkish government has filed criminal charges against 111 union leaders, members and supporters which carry prison terms of up to 5 years in connection with a 2010 demonstration in Ankara. The Ankara action was in support of 12,000 workers made redundant overnight following the privatization of the state tobacco monopoly TEKEL.

Negotiated settlement ends long, bitter Tata/Tetley tea plantation dispute

18.05.11 News

A settlement has been reached in the long-running dispute between workers and Amalgamated Plantations Private Ltd (APPL).at the company's Nowera Nuddy tea garden in northern West Bengal, India. APPL is majority-owned  by Tata Global Beverages, part of India's Tata Group.

FLOC delegation brings tobacco farm workers' human rights message to Europe and to BAT shareholders

06.05.11 News

Representatives from the IUF-affiliated Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) completed a 2 week European tour of meetings and protests targeting Reynolds America & BAT. The aim of the tour was to convince BAT to take responsibility for the appalling migrant worker conditions on tobacco farms in the US. FLOC President Baldemar Velasquez and Diego Reyes, a migrant worker from North Carolina opened the tour in Germany on April 17, followed by activity in Turkey and ending with a protest action at the London BAT Shareholders’ AGM on April 28.

Roquette USA worker suffering from terminal cancer doctors say was work-related

02.05.11 Urgent Action

Conrad Fedler is suffering from inoperable, terminal lung cancer. He worked at the Roquette USA plant in Keokuk, Iowa from 1996 until last June, when his illness forced him onto disability. On September 28, 2010 - the day the company locked out hundreds of union members for insisting on their right to negotiate a collective agreement - Roquette raised his health insurance premiums by over a thousand dollars monthly - from USD 380 per month to 1,467 per month.

A May Day Message

29.04.11 News

On May Day 2011 the IUF sends fraternal greetings to our members and to workers everywhere. Democratic revolt in North Africa and the Middle East, in which unions have played a decisive role, has inspired profound hope in the region and around the world, amplifying May Day's historic message that organized labour remains the motor force for democracy.

Advances on precarious work, union rights, discrimination/sexual harrassment at Chiquita

20.04.11 News

Agreements to eliminate precarious plantation work in Costa Rica, to negotiate an international sexual harassment and discrimination agreement and to explore provision of special employment protection for union representatives were products of the Costa Rica meeting between the IUF, COLSIBA and Chiquita on April 19.

More broken Kraft promises – this time in Spain

14.04.11 News

Some 160 Spanish workers producing Kraft-branded products are at risk of joining the growing line of unemployed former Kraft workers.

Disposable jobs, hazardous work: Japanese nuclear workers thrown out with the radioactive trash

12.04.11 News

Unions have long contended that precarious workers have higher rates of accidents, injuries and illness on the job. Precarious work is also the hidden underside of the Japanese nuclear power industry, where contract workers have an average level of radiation exposure 16 times that of the small layer of permanent workers.

IUF condemns use of “racketeering” legislation to attack US union organizing

12.04.11 News

The IUF, whose governing Executive Committee met in Geneva, Switzerland March 29, 30, has strongly condemned the use of legislation originally designed to combat organized crime to attack fundamental union rights in the United States.

New Publication: Leaflet on the IUF PepsiCo Union network

05.04.11 News

The IUF is constantly working on extending union networks in transnational companies.
In December 2010, the IUF PepsiCo Union network was founded. In order to inform PepsiCo workers not yet part of the network  about this strong tool for mutual solidarity, a new leaflet now informs about the purpose and objectives of the network.

Settlement at Nestlé Indonesia brings Nespressure campaign to successful conclusion

31.03.11 News

A settlement has been agreed which brings recognition and bargaining rights to the IUF-affiliated SBNIP at the Nescafé factory in Panjang, Indonesia.

Together: New Zealand's new union for non-members

28.03.11 News

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (NZCTU) has created a new organization - 'Together' - to expand union membership and influence by bringing workers from non-union workplaces into the trade union movement. The NZCTU and its affiliates are reaching out by offering membership in together to individuals at workplaces where there is no union and by signing up friends and family members of current union members.

Solidarity with Iranian Workers

21.03.11 News

March 21 is the start of the New Year in Iran. IUF, Education International, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (the three international union federations with member organizations in Iran) and the ITUC together send a message of solidarity to all Iranian workers fighting for trade union rights and independent unions:


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