Solidarity with UPS Turkey Workers!

27.08.10 Urgent Action

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has called for global solidarity with their affiliate TUMTIS at the Turkish subsidiary of global logistics giant UPS. Since April 13, when management began resorting to physical intimidation and forced resignations to crush an organizing drive, 157 union members and supporters have been dismissed by UPS and its subcontractors: 126 at 3 UPS facilities in Istanbul, 27 in Izmir and the remainder at 2 other cities.

Another new union organized in Coca-Cola Pakistan, this time in Faisalabad

12.08.10 News

Just two weeks after the victory in Coca-Cola Multan, workers at Coca-Cola Pakistan's Faisalabad plant had cause to celebrate yet again today, as their union was officially registered.

Our Message to Tata – We Have Had Enough of Your Excuses!

09.08.10 News

Solidarity actions were held in Australia and the UK last week to protest the ongoing denial of rights at the Tata Group-controlled Nowera Nuddy tea plantation in West Bengal, India (click here for background story).

Global Catering Giant Compass in the Dock Again at the OECD

04.08.10 News

The IUF has filed a second complaint against UK- based Compass Group under the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises in response to the firing of two union activists in Turkey.

What's in Your Tea?

02.08.10 News

A new report is warning millions of tea drinkers in Britain that their breakfast cuppa may come from Indian workers toiling for 7p an hour – well below a living wage. A Bitter Cup, co-published by IUF, Unite the Union and the British charity War On want, was launched to coincide with the  UK prime minister David Cameron's trip to India at the end of July. It shows that workers in northern India earn just INR 1,220 compared to a living wage of at least INR 3,500 a month.

Comprehensive Agreement Ends Long, Bitter Conflict at Coca-Cola Pakistan

26.07.10 News

An agreement negotiated between the IUF, the Atlanta, USA-based The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI, Coca-Cola's Turkey-based bottler for the Middle East, Pakistan and Central Asia), has successfully resolved a long and bitter conflict over employment and trade union rights at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan (CCBPL). CCBPL is jointly owned by TCCC and CCI.

Nestlé Defends Anti-Union Practices in Indonesia with…Nestlies

20.07.10 News

How many times can a company lie in the course of attempting to undermine a union? It is difficult to say if Nestlé, the world's largest food company, holds the record (the competition is stiff), but it is certainly an over-achiever…

Tata India – Are its Tea Estates Above the Law?

16.07.10 News

An international IUF fact-finding team has been denied access to an Assam plantation to investigate the recent deaths of three workers. The plantation is owned by Amalgamated Plantations in which Tata Global Beverages is the major shareholder. The 930 hectare Powai estate has one of the world's largest tea-processing factories and employs some 1,800 permanent and 1,200 temporary workers.

Police Kill Banana Workers in Panama as Strikes, Protests Contest Repressive New Laws

16.07.10 News

At least two banana workers were killed on July 8 as police opened fire on striking workers in the province of Bocas del Toro. Four thousand workers at the Bocas Fruit Company struck over wages at the beginning of the month, and were joined by thousands of independent producers in the cooperatives with their own grievances.

Nestlé Waters Russia Bows to Pressure, Union Vice-Chair Reinstated

14.07.10 News

Management of Nestlé Waters Russia has declined to appeal the court-ordered reinstatement of Sergei Strykov, Vice-Chair of the union formed last year who was fired on January 27. Strykov has also been compensated for wages lost from January through May, while the union was fighting his illegal dismissal.

Whose Workplace? The ILO and Nestlé

13.07.10 News

The latest video interview with Nestlé Chair Peter Brabeck takes place on the balcony at company headquarters in Vevey Switzerland, with Lake Geneva and the snow-capped Alps shining in the background. Brabeck relates his rise from ice cream salesman to head of the world's largest food company, with the reporter smiling approvingly: "You've come a long way." You cannot escape promotion, explains Brabeck, if you're just a bit better (expressed with mathematical precision as 5% better).

BAT must take responsibility for appalling conditions on tobacco farms in the US!

09.07.10 Urgent Action

Reynolds American Incorporated (RAI) is the second-largest tobacco company in the United States (after Philip Morris) with annual profits of over USD 2 billion. Its shareholders have enjoyed an over 80% rate of return over the past 5 years. British American Tobacco (BAT) holds a 42% share, making it the largest shareholder.

Auckland-Rendezvous Hotel lockout ended

30.06.10 News

Housekeeping staff at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland are back at work today, having ratified an agreement won after 13 days locked out by their employer without pay.
Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota Members members won a pay increase of up to 2% for a one-year term, and kept their sick leave, after an 11-hour mediation to reach a settlement.

Toronto Accor Novotel Workers Strike as G20 Delegates Arrive

25.06.10 News

Members of Unite Here! walked off the job early on the morning of June 24 just as members of the G20 French delegation arrived at Canada's Novotel Toronto Centre hotel, part of the French-based Accor Group. Troubles have been brewing at Accor across Canada, where union organizing for union recognition and collective bargaining rights has met with fierce opposition from management, and more widely through the Group's operations.

First Round Victory in ILO Fight for Domestic Workers

23.06.10 News

Domestic workers fighting for rights and recognition through binding international standards won a crucial first round victory at the this year's International Labour Conference at the ILO in Geneva. On June 4, 61 governments voted in favour of a Convention supplemented by a Recommendation, against 14 voting for a Recommendation only.


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