Raising the volume for International Women’s Day

28.02.14 News
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Across the Asia-Pacific region IUF-affiliated unions are preparing  for International Women’s Day 2014, reasserting the 5 demands raised last year under the banner “Women’s Voices Shake the World!”

March 8, 2013 meetings and mass rallies were held in 11 cities in 6 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. 

The five common demands under the banner Women’s Voices Shake the World! are:

1. Equality at the workplace
2. End to sexual harassment
3. Better maternity leave protection
4. End to insecure jobs
5. Better health rights

On March 8 this year IUF affiliates are planning bigger, louder actions in more cities across the Asia-Pacific region as well as in other regions in the world. 

Please click here for a higher resolution image of the banner.


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