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UTHGRA meetings spread the word about the IUF global housekeeper campaign

3 October 2014 News
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Meeting%20Housekeeping%20%20UTHGRA_1UTHGRA Argentina organized two meetings of hotel housekeepers in the towns of Los Cocos (Córdoba) and Mar del Plata on September 11 and 24, respectively, to explain the IUF's Global Housekeeper Campaign.

IUF HRCT President Norberto Latorre presented the international campaign, which was further developed by Patricia Mantovano, Director of the UTHGRA Tourism Department.  

Working sessions explained the campaign objectives, its benefits for the health and safety of women hospitality workers and the importance of promoting good work practices.

Participants in both meetings showed a keen interest in workplace health and safety training and the role of the IUF in assisting with monitoring compliance with standards and good work practices, particularly in the smaller hotel companies where it is more difficult to monitor compliance.  

UTHGRA is working to prepare discussions with the Argentina Hotel Employers Association on implementing measures for the protection and improvement of working conditions.