Uzbekistan - defend human rights defenders monitoring abuses in the cotton harvest

29.04.16 Urgent Action
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The IUF, LabourStart, the International Labor Rights Forum and the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia are launching a campaign to step up pressure on the Uzbek government to end reprisals against human rights defenders who expose forced and child labour in the cotton harvest (see their latest report here).
UPsm_0The campaign focuses on Uktam Pardaev, member of a cotton harvest monitoring group. Uktam was arrested on November 16, 2015 and held for eight weeks in pre-trial detention. He was in a damp, cold cell with only a dirty mat to sleep on.  He was beaten, fed half a portion of soup and half a bread roll once a day. He witnessed officials torturing other detainees to obtain confessions.  On January 11, 2016 he was given a three year conditional sentence under which he has to remain at home under constant surveillance by security services. His movements and activities are heavily restricted. Officials also watch, question and threaten Uktam's relatives and friends.

Click here to support the campaign to end this harassment by the Uzbek government.