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Parmalat maintains its lockout of Australian workers

8 March 2017 Urgent Action
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On January 18, Parmalat Australia, majority owned and controlled by the giant global dairy corporation Lactalis, locked out its workforce at Echuca in an attempt to force through new work arrangements.

Parmalat is insisting on greater flexibility to outsource work and utilise temporary labour and on March 3rd demanded union members vote on their proposal.

Union members voted down the company proposal by 67 votes to 1 and are seeking an agreement with Parmalat which is negotiated in good faith and which protects their rights.

Instead of negotiating Parmalat has maintained the lockout. After cutting off the supply of water to the workers protest camp, the company, citing health and safety concerns,  has now insisted the water tanker that provides clean water to the locked out workers be removed along with all the other facilities which maintain the protest camp.

Parmalat can best protect the health and safety of its workforce by ending the lockout. CLICK HERE to send a message to the company.