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Unions mobilize against the Spanish government's ongoing attack on the right to strike

26 June 2017 News
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In Spain, the right-wing government of Mariano Rajoy continues its assault on the right to strike. Sixteen months after 8 trade unionists were acquitted of criminal charges (see The Airbus 8 and the right to strike: unfinished business) for having taken part in the 2010 general strike against austerity, two union representatives face prison terms of up to 7 years for their participation in the general strike of 2012.

On July 7, UGT shop stewards Rubén Ranz and José Manuel Nogales will be tried under Article 315.3 of the criminal code, a legislative vestige of the Franco era which the Rajoy government has revived. They were arrested in a mass police assault on a peaceful informational picket in Madrid on the evening of the March 29, 2012 general strike.

On June 21, the trade union confederations CC.OO and UGT held a mass rally in central Madrid to condemn the Rajoy government's ongoing criminalization of the right to strike and demand the charges be dropped (HERE you can see the rally and the speeches of the CC.OO and UGT leaders). The IUF, together with other international trade union organizations, is building solidarity and support for the two shop stewards and calling for the repeal of laws which criminalize the exercise of the right to strike, a fundamental human right.