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Brutal attack on jobs and working conditions at Nestlé joint venture FRONERI

4 October 2017 News
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One year after the creation of the FRONERI ice cream joint venture by Nestlé and the French private equity firm PAI Partners, the company has launched a full-blown attack on workers throughout Europe.

The attack targets factory workers, salesforce and office workers in Germany, Finland, Switzerland, and in Greece and Italy, factory closures have been announced. So far, some 850 workers risk losing their jobs so the company can reach a target of 20% operating margin (read: profit).

Nestlé's stated rationale for forming this joint venture was to challenge Unilever's prime position in ice cream. The company has now revealed that its strategy is not based on quality and innovation in production. Nestlé's JV ice cream company is instead taking the road of savage cost-cutting to reach its goal.

Read here how IUF affiliates in Germany and in Italy have begun to fight-back:

NGG fights job cuts at Nestlé ice cream joint venture FRONERI

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