Published: 07/12/2009

The IUF and ITUC have together lodged a formal complaint against the government of Iran with the ILO’s Committee on Freedom of Association in response to the recent imprisonment of 5 leaders of the independent Haft Tapeh Sugar Workers Union, an IUF affiliate.

The complaint reviews the serial violations of basic rights at Haft Tapeh, where worker efforts to take collective action in response to non-payment of wages and other abuses have repeatedly met with repression, in the light of ILO Conventions setting out the rights of workers to freedom of association, the right to organize and to the right to collective bargaining. The complaint calls on the government of Iran to release the jailed leaders, to reinstate them at their jobs (all were officially fired on December 1 for “failure to report to work” while in prison) and to revoke the bans prohibiting them from trade union work.

Amnesty International has adopted the jailed trade unionists as prisoners of conscience.