Published: 03/12/2019

In recent years, hotel companies have launched programs that encourage guests to decline housekeeping services in exchange for a voucher or extra points on the loyalty program. Marriott, the world’s largest hotelier, aggressively promotes its “Make a Green Choice” program.

Some guests may believe that declining cleaning services helps the environment by reducing the use of detergents and chemical products. Others think that it helps housekeeping staff by reducing their work. Research by IUF-affiliated Unite Here shows that neither is true. If hotel rooms are not cleaned daily housekeepers must use larger quantities of hazardous chemicals to remove accumulated dirt. These cleaning products may cause damage to eyes and irritation to skin and the respiratory system.

These misleadingly presented ‘sustainability’ programs have a huge impact on housekeepers’ working conditions. Hotel companies are promoting these programs for supposed environmental benefits. In fact, they are carefully designed to save money for hotel owners and investors.

UNITE HERE has released a video that shows how Marriott’s “Make a Green Choice” harms hotel housekeepers while doing nothing to protect the environment.

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