Published: 02/12/2019

Mondelez India management is stalling collective bargaining in Gwalior, India in an effort to pressure permanent workers and their union into accepting a voluntary separation scheme. This scheme would eliminate 367 permanent jobs and is similar to the one workers were pressured into accepting in Baddi, India in 2018. Management also refuses to negotiate over the union’s charter of demands. There are 594 permanent workers and around 1,400 non-permanent contract workers employed through 26 labour hire agencies at the Gwalior factory.

Earlier this year, Mondelez India management also tried to force Gwalior night shift workers on the Cadbury Perk line to continue production despite severe staff shortages. The union Vice President contacted a Mondelez production manager to inform him of the situation. But, instead of addressing the understaffing concerns, Mondelez India management has responded to union members and leadership with abusive language, threats and baseless charges.