Published: 07/02/2020

Heineken has come up with a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) offer.  This was done before the deadline set by the FNV (Monday February 3, 2019). Heineken made a wage offer of 3.75% per year for the next two years. Jet Grimbergen, director of FNV Industry, said “This is a considerable improvement compared to the first bid of 2% per year.”

FNV is proposing a new professions scheme. Another improvement is that from the age of 60 up to one year before their state retirement age, employees can work 60% against 80% of the salary and retain 100% pension accrual.


This week, FNV directors will visit the various locations to present this offer to members. “This will temporarily suspend any ultimatum. We now let the members speak,” said Grimbergen.

2500 workers

The new CBA applies to Heineken Netherlands where around 2500 workers are employed. Besides the Heineken breweries in Den Bosch and Zoeterwoude, this also includes soft drinks factory Vrumona and the brewery Brand.