Published: 19/11/2002

On 20 August 2002 the GLOBE Committee set up by the Central Works Council of Nestlé Germany signed an important agreement with Nestlé Germany regulating the introduction of Nestlé’s GLOBE project.

The GLOBE Project, which has been the subject of numerous presentations and discussion at meetings of the Nestlé European Council for Information and Consultation, will dramatically change not only Nestlé’s system of information and data, but have major effects on the way that all Nestlé employees work in the future.

Germany is the first major country in Europe in which GLOBE is being introduced. A Local Globe Organisation (LGO) will include some 340 employees from all areas, with team leaders from general operations, manufacturing, human resources, data, and all other functions.

According to Roland Hohenstein of the NGG and Works Council, the major objectives are to save jobs, secure the necessary training for all employees, and get the right to external consultants for the works council financed by the management to advise them.

The agreement addresses all of these issues.

The Works Council will cooperate with project so that changes will improve work and working conditions. Jobs to be structured corresponding to the necessary training.


1. Meetings of the Globe Committee (made up of 9 named members of Works Council) will be called as needed. Members of committee will receive information and training from company.

2. Parallel information to chairperson of works council.

3. Globe Committee has right to consult an expert on technical details.

4. Agreement on common goal of assuring employment.

5. Employees will receive “on the job training” and necessary external
training. The works council retains the right to co-determination on training issues.