Published: 17/03/2020

HTS-Union is the Uganda Hotels, Food, Tourism, Supermarkets and Allied workers’ union, representing. Since 2017, HTS-Union is being part of the “Trade union education in the hotel sector in East Africa”, and strong and committed player in the Marriott organizing campaign.

Although the Covid-19 disease hasn’t yet hit Uganda, its impact on tourism has already started.
Stephen Mugole, HTS-Union General Secretary, reports that 50% of existing bookings in the hotel sector have been cancelled.

The union has already successfully negotiated an agreement with the Sheraton Kampala which includes an enhanced commitment to retaining the hotel’s direct employees:

  • closure of five floors, closure of one bar, closure of lunch buffets, closure of two restaurants, closure of room service services
  • suspend outsourced services of public area and replace with direct employees
  •  suspend outsourced transport services and replace with direct employees
  • reduce the outsourced security service by 50% and supplement with direct employees
  • all employees due for leave to take their leave with pay
  • if the scenario extends to April then a number of workers shall be sent on leave with half pay.

The union along with hotel owners will call for a tripartite meeting including Ugandan government officials to address concerns and find adequate solutions to protect workers.