Published: 17/10/2012

Following the completion of the 90-day consultation period triggered by the announcement on July 5 of the proposed closure of the Hall’s of Broxburn plant, Vion have reaffirmed to workers and their union, USDAW, that the plant would close.

The company had received two acquisition offers, neither of which was considered to be “a viable and sustainable alternatives to the proposed closure”.

USDAW divisional officer Lawrence Wason said: “We’re now faced with the loss of around 1,700 jobs from the factory with the devastating impact that will have on individuals, families, the local economy and Scotland itself. I think the company’s ultimately responsible for the state they find themselves in. There’s a long-serving workforce there – very skilled – and they’ve done everything they possibly can.”

The plant closure – to be carried out in phases – will also affect the Scottish pig industry which provide half of the 8,000 pigs processed daily by the plant.

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