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Organising, fighting and winning LGBTI workers’ rights: A resource for IUF affiliates in the Africa region

LGBTI Workers Rights News

IUF LGBTI Workers and Allies Committee logo 12-03-2019

Please find here the IUF LGBTI Workers and Allies Committee logo. We encourage IUF affiliates to download this logo and use it in their union activities around LGBTI workers' rights.


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Brazil: We will have to fight daily so that they do not take away what we have already won 25-02-2019

During the 40th Meeting of the IUF Latin America Region Executive Committee (CEL) held in Buenos Aires on December 7, the trade union leader, Gisele Adão, who is a member of the CEL and an activist in support of LGBTI workers' rights in Brazil, spoke about the growing dangers that LGBTI people have faced since the government of Jair Bolsonaro took office.

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Brazil: In the face of various aggressions against LGBTI people, groups are organized 25-02-2019

"In just one month following the rise to power of the government of Jair Bolsonaro, we have already realized that the LGBTI community will be one of the most affected in terms of rights," said Gisele Adão, a member of the IUF Latin American Executive Committee. "This is an openly homophobic, racist, chauvinistic, LGBTI-phobic government, and its assumption of power has fueled all kinds of previously veiled prejudices, externalizing and manifesting them in the worst way," said Gisele.

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Honduras: recognition of an LGBTI activist 25-02-2019

Last year, the IUF Latin American Executive Committee unanimously recognized the work of José Zambrano, a member of the Association for a Better Life of People Infected / Affected by HIV-AIDS in Honduras (Apuvimeh), for his commitment to the struggle for gender equality and the rights of the LGBTI community.

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The human rights hypocrisy of The Coca-Cola Company 10-12-2018

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes that no one's rights are secure unless everyone's rights are secure, and that human rights are indivisible and inseparable.

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The LGBTI community has to unite: "We are part of the working class" 21-08-2018

A self-defined transvestite woman, Isabelle, 31, is the coordinator of the Association of Diversity of Limeira (Adlim), Brazil, a movement for the rights of the LGBTI community in that municipality. She is also a public employee and trade unionist. In this interview she outlines her union work and the hard task of generating class consciousness in the LGBTI collective.

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LGBTI workers are no less human 21-08-2018

IUF%20Africa%20Update%20%2312The conference theme of the 10th IUF African Region titled "rights and decent work for all - our common struggle" is engraved on my mind and heart as a confirmation that LGBTI workers are no less human than any other worker or person of different sexual orientation and gender identity to them. No one can persuade any human rights activist that homosexuals and transsexuals are not human beings to be treated with respect and dignity like any other person.

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The UN denounces epidemic of murders of LGBTI people in Mexico 20-08-2018

The United Nations has denounced the wave of killings of members of the LGBTI community in Mexico, particularly in the state of Veracruz, where nine transgender women and eight homosexual men were murdered in recent months.

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CC.OO advances training material on LGBTI workers' rights 27-06-2018

IUF-affiliated CC.OO in Spain has produced training material on LGBTI related topics for its members in Spanish.
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Pride month is an opportunity to stand up for LGBTI workers' rights! 22-06-2018

HappypridesmallThe IUF calls on affiliated organizations to organize, fight and win on LGBTI workers' rights and union issues and to speak out against injustice against LGBTI workers. HAPPY PRIDE!

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Unite the Union Statement on London Pride 22-06-2018

UnitetheUnionThis year Unite the Union will be represented by activists at community organised Pride events across the UK.

Equal and fair treatment both at work and in society is a key priority for our union, and we make it clear that we all have a duty to challenge discrimination, harassment and bullying whenever possible. Unite is proud to be a campaigning union and is proud of the work it has done over many years to support equality, particularly within the LGBT+ community.

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UFCW and UNITE HERE march together for LGBTI workers' rights 20-06-2018

UFCW%20Unite%20Here1IUF affiliates UFCW and UNITE HERE marched together at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pride in the USA on June 17.

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UNITE HERE: Sleep with the right people 15-06-2018

UniteHereIUF affiliate UNITE HERE's (USA) Pride Month graphic design for 2018! Union Pride!

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RWDSU: You shouldn't have to hide who you are at work! 15-06-2018

RWDSUJune is #PrideMonth. To this day, many members of the LGBTQ+ community still have to hide who they are just to earn a living. That must change. We need to ensure that everyone is protected & safe in the workplace..
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UFCW celebrates Pride Month 15-06-2018

UFCWoutreach2Throughout the month of June, UFCW locals across the country are celebrating diversity and inclusive workplaces for LGBTQ members and all workers.

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UFCW updates non-discrimination LGBTI language in Cargill collective agreement 25-05-2018

UFCWIUF-affiliated UFCW's Local 1776 successfully negotiated positive LGBTI language with Cargill that entirely removes heterosexual bias terminology throughout the existing contract.

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New IUF Africa publication: a resource for fighting for LGBTI workers' rights 09-02-2018

LGBTI workers' rights are human rights 08-12-2017

LGBTIOn this International Human Rights Day, the IUF joins with all those around the world calling for the full recognition of LGBTI rights as human rights.

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Organizing, fighting and winning together: the IUF 27th Congress 05-09-2017

CONGRESSLOGOENGLISHThe 27th IUF Congress, held in Geneva from August 29 to September 1, 2017, was the largest, most representative, and most participatory Congress in our history. Of the 518 participants from around the world, 339 official delegates took part in the work of the Congress - an increase of nearly 29% over 2012. All regions and sectors were strongly represented in a Congress marked by a high degree of enthusiasm, militancy and solidarity.

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