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The IUF Food Processing Division was formally created in 2017 with adoption of the Division from IUF's highest governing body – the IUF Congress. The IUF Food Processing Division seeks to address the issues workers face in this sector that cut across companies operating in the food processing industry: health and safety, financial short-termism and its impacts, declining or stagnant wages, migrant worker rights, etc. The Division further promotes education and mobilization of current membership as well as organizing of workers who are not already union members to increase union membership and power within this industrial sector. The Division will also focus directly on major companies in the food processing sector to strengthen union coordination internationally in those companies and consolidate or secure recognition of IUF affiliates.

Please contact the IUF Secretariat for further information.

Food processing News

Reinstate the Cargill 14 now! 19-06-2018

CargillFourteen union activists were unfairly dismissed from their jobs on April 17, 2018 while organizing a union at Cargill-Turkey in Bursa-Orhangazi. These 14 dismissals follow those of seven other workers who were also unfairly dismissed in 2015.

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Workers' rights on the agenda at Mondelez Shareholder Meeting 17-05-2018

IUF affiliate BCTGM and the IUF Secretariat put workers' rights on the agenda at Mondelez' shareholders meeting on May 16 in Lincolnshire, Illinois (USA).
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Subsidizing Mondelez in Canada: the Ontario government's 22 million dollar cash gift 19-04-2018

mondelez-sticker-en_Final%20resizedCanada's Ontario government is rewarding Mondelez a cash gift of 22.6 million Canadian dollars for `skills development and capital investment' at its non-union East York (Ontario) facility- a factory which over the past 5 years has taken over production from two union sites which the company has closed.

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Pennsylvania Mission Foods workers organize, fight and win a first collective bargaining agreement 17-04-2018

Workers at Mission Foods in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania have voted to approve a 3-year collective bargaining agreement and officially join United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1776 following union organizing efforts dating back to 2006. 

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Workers must prepare for new cost-saving drive as KHC struggles with rising interest rates 12-04-2018

The IUF has written extensively about the risks of the 3G model, which flourished in the food processing sector when interest rates were near zero creating a situation where companies like Kraft Heinz could borrow virtually free money.

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Conversion of casual to permanent work at Mondelez (Cadbury) Pakistan 18-02-2018

At its annual general meeting on February 16, the Mondelez (Cadbury) Progressive Employees Union celebrated the conversion of 94 long term casuals to permanent jobs. The casual workers were employed at the Cadbury plant for several years through corrupt labour hire agencies that exploited workers' insecurity and vulnerability.

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Launch of first-ever independent federation of food workers in Indonesia 14-02-2018

On February 2 and 3, sixteen independent unions came together in Yogyakarta to form the first ever independent union federation of food workers in Indonesia, FSBMM, a historic step in building independent and democratic union power in the food and beverage sectors in Indonesia.

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What happens when the shark runs out of water for the feeding frenzy? 13-02-2018

For many, Kraft Heinz/3G Capital's business model is old news - though not for the thousands who have lost their jobs due to the company's aggressive cost cutting. 3G loads up on debt to acquire a company, wrings out all possible costs to boost profitability, and once this has been completed, borrows again to fund a new acquisition and repeats the cycle.
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The fight to save quality jobs at Mondelez Dunedin, New Zealand 20-10-2017

Mondelezsticker_0The IUF-affiliated union E tu has worked tirelessly with community leaders to save quality jobs at Mondelez and is highly critical of the final decision by the company to move all production of Cadbury products at its Dunedin, New Zealand production plant to Australia. This decision also follows an IUF urgent action that many IUF affiliated members took part in to support their brothers and sisters from E tu in New Zealand.

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