Published: 14/06/2016
GlobalWeekofActionGuineabigIUF affiliates in French speaking countries in West Africa joined the 2nd Global Week of Action with a number of workshops organized to highlight stressful and dangerous working conditions for both hotel housekeepers and valets.

Sexual harassment was the main focus of activities by IUF-affiliated unions in the sub-region led by hotel unions from Benin (FESYNTRA-HTA), Burkina Faso (SYNTETH), Guinea (FNAAEHT), Ivory Coast (CIAGAHCI-DIGNITÈ) and Niger (SYNTHOBRA). Key issues addressed at the workshops included:

  • The impact of sexual harassment on victims on all levels;

  • How to protect against it;

  • Employers’ responsibilities in addressing and dealing with sexual harassment;

  • Tools for legal defense;

  • Possible remedies for victims and protection measures for victims and witnesses;

  • Penalties under criminal law;

  • Advice to participants on concrete possibilities of addressing the problem, starting with the union representatives, employers and justice and how coworkers could support victims.