Published: 22/03/2017

The IUF affiliated Brazilian National Food Industry Workers Confederation-CNTA(Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores nas Indústrias de Alimentação e Afins) has expressed outrage at the widespread corruption between the executives of major meat companies and the Ministry of Fishing and Agriculture, uncovered by federal police in an operation dubbed ‘Weak Flesh’ and which may have led to the export and domestic sales of rotten meat.

The police allegations target industrial meat giants BRF, where CNTA represents over 110 thousand workers, and JBS where over 130,000 workers are represented by the confederation.

“We are outraged at knowing that these meat sector world leaders are protagonists in this perverse practice that endangers human health in the name of greed” said confederation President Artur Bueno de Camargo.

The confederation also highlighted what it terms ‘the widespread illegal and unethical labour practices applied by these companies’.

Meatpacking companies have the highest percentage of work accidents within the food sector in Brazil.

Stress associated with the frenetic pace of work and the lack of Government resources for regular and thorough labour inspections are major contributing factors to the high accident rates.

CNTA concludes that the best way to fight corrupt procedures is transparent and efficient inspection by well-structured competent agencies.