Published: 27/01/2017
With the support of the IUF-affiliated FSPM, workers unfairly dismissed from Indonesia’s Champ Resto fast food chain last year continue their fight for reinstatement and for the medical insurance workers are illegally denied. In November 2015, a Champ Resto worker’s new-born baby died when the child was refused essential hospital care. Only then did workers become aware that they were not registered in the mandatory government health insurance program for employees and their families. When the FSPM organized protests, 83 workers at different locations were sacked.

ChampRestoPHKSince Champ Resto refused to comply with recommendations to reinstate the workers made last August/September by 3 provincial labour departments, the union has taken the cases to the industrial courts. FSPM and the workers continue to hold weekly protests at Champ Resto outlets, and on January 23, the FSPM organized a family day in Bandung for the workers, their families and supporters.

Refuse unfair dismissals!

You can help support their struggle. If you haven’t already CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO CHAMP RESTO!