Published: 26/01/2015
DEFOI with support from the IUF will research TNC entry into India and conduct activist education to strengthen the ability of unions to respond effectively to the changing organizing and bargaining environment.

Over the last two years DEFOI has made significant progress in its development of an effective federation for India’s dairy unions. It has run a successful women’s leadership training programme in Bangalore and women members have won elections to union positions in Kolar and Tumkur dairies; fought for transparency in the payment of wages and allowances, developed material to highlight the plight of precarious workers and won promotions for long serving employees.

The Schreiber Dynamix union won 45 permanent jobs and a big wage increase after 16 months of collective bargaining and a big fight is underway to win permanent jobs for workers at Vita Milk in Haryana. Tumkur dairy union won jackets, shoes and an allowance for precarious workers working in the coldstore.

Out of 7 cooperative dairies that were closed in Uttar Pradesh, 2 reopened in 2013 and 5 in 2014 due to the constant intervention and solidarity support from DEFOI and the IUF.

Success is built upon organizing, fighting and winning.